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Adam Atomic:
Hey, this is just the usual "introduce yourself" thread!  A good place to make your first post.

My name is Adam and I created flixel over the last year or so.  I've also worked on lots of other things, like Cave Story Wii and Paper Moon.  In a previous life I was a C++ coder and GUI designer for a software company.  I have two pug dogs who are pretty good but sometimes they kick in laptop screens.  Right now I make iPhone games for a living, and I'm helping to organize the Independent Games Summit at GDC Austin this year.

hi, i'm oneup. i create games ever since i can think. namely super mario war, landscapr, a jump'n'run tutorial series, lots of unreleased demos & a gp32 port of "spout". (& two web startups inbetween)

tried to build a game with flash half a year ago, but was overwhelmed by flash's sucky api.

i am so lookin forward to your library !!!

my current project is poit (

some call me CosMind, some call me Justin.  i call me crazy.  i work a day job as creative director of an independent commercial video games studio in austin, tejas; but, moonlight as a lonesome game (both video and non-video) designer and developer.  i recently released my very first independent game, Glum Buster.  now i'm diving back into prototyping and tinkering with various projects that have bubbled into my brain over the past handful of years.  flixel has me jazzed, and i'm going to do my best to learn myself the ropes - i really feel that creating software with the framework is going to have a wealth of benefits.

(the hair's old)

Hi! I'm Ben.

Here I'm cosplaying as L from Death Note. I don't have a better picture handy at the moment.

I'm 17 years old and I got my start with game programming writing text adventures in QBASIC in middle school on my dad's old laptop.  At the beginning of high school I kind of deviated from this to do freelance web development, but in my junior year I took a Java class and I (somewhat sloppily) recreated Asteroids.  Since then I've been tinkering with different languages and game libraries, such as Pygame and Gosu (for Ruby), in which I've written basic stuff like Pong and Arkanoid just for practice.  My dad recently got me Flash CS3 and so I've been learning AS3.  I stumbled upon flixel via TIGSource, and I'm excited to try to pick it up.

I'm going to Carnegie Mellon in the fall for Computer Science and I think it would be great to end up like any of the previous posters in this thread, doing games for a living and/or as a major hobby.

Hi I'm SMRobot. I'm 15 years old and just starting to get into game development. I have little programming experience as I've only really gotten serious about learning to program around the start of the year. I currently use XNA and C# for development but I'm looking for a more basic, cross-platform framework to develop with.

Whilst I have some experience with ActionScript, I haven't ever used it outside the Flash IDE so learning flixel is going to be interesting to say the least. As well as C#, I know C++ and some JavaScript. I really got inspired to create games after seeing all the great stuff people in the indie community were doing (Spelunky, Knytt Stories and Cortex Command are all big inspirations to me).

I'm generally more interested in the programming side of making games although I still find game design interesting. The only games I've ever released is a side scrolling shooter made in Flash 8 and a text adventure I made in Python over the course of several weeks in my school's programming class. I hope to make a career out of programming and study Computer Science at University (possibly along with Mathematics).

I'm a pretty huge nerd, I play D&D (4th Ed, please don't hurt me :S), program, rave about obscure indie games none of my friends have ever heard of and read about programming and maths in my free time.

Other than this forum I post regularly on TIGSource and I also run a blog that gets updated every now and then.

I hope to keep following my goals in game development and hopefully stay active on these boards.


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