Author Topic: Newbie question: Exporting to CSV  (Read 538 times)


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Newbie question: Exporting to CSV
« on: Sun, Jul 10, 2016 »

I posted this question a few months ago and for some reason it has never been approved by a moderator. So I'll try again:

Total newbie here, and struggling. I would like to be able to have a record of everything that went in a particular game, in particular the time during a game at which a certain event (e.g., a mouse click) occurs. I'm not sure about how to do this. Ideally, what I should get is saving each of these events as a new instance in an array and save it to a csv file. Would I be able to do this with Flixel? I apologize if this is a really silly question, but as I said I'm quite new to this.
Thanks in advance!