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SwitchState don't work
« on: Wed, Jul 13, 2016 »
Hello everyone.

I'm a beginner with Flixel, so i try to make a pong to learn this beautiful librarie. I need to make a victory screen that will ask if the player want to start again. So, i made a VictoryState class, and in this class, I use FlxG.switchState(new PlayState()) to switch on the game, but i got the error :
"Call to a possibly undefined method switchState through a reference with static type Class."

And I just don't understand why i got this error. I try to do it in another static function, but i got the same error.

Code: [Select]
package com
import org.flixel.*;
* ...
* @author Dupy
public class VictoryState extends FlxState
private var again:FlxText;

public function VictoryState()
again.text = "LOL";

override public function update():void
if (FlxG.keys.X)
                                FlxG.switchState(new PlayState());



Help me please, dear community !