Author Topic: layering with effects...?  (Read 858 times)


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layering with effects...?
« on: Wed, Mar 31, 2010 »
So, basically Im trying to put a blur effect on something in the foreground, and although the effect works fine the way it is documented in flxblur, it shows up behind my tilemap, and sprites, and everything.... is there a way around this? Im assuming it has to do with preProcess being called before the map is added? Maybe?
*edit* Nope, totally has nothing to do with that, it also doesnt matter where I do the blur = new flxsprite stuff (tried it in the start up, tried it after everything else has been initialized, havent tried it in the update because that seems like a terrible idea...) I think it has to do with draw, at this point. I thought it was screen being below everything, but if I draw it on a different sprite, not only does that sprite quickly fade to black, but but the whole screen gets infinite copys of itself layered (basicly, the blur effect without it ever fading out...)*edit*
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