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Good for vector graphic game ?



I was wondering if Flixel could be used for vector graphic games instead of pixel games (as shown in the game section of this forum).
Haven't seen anything that said so, and didn't have the time to test it already, so I'm just asking to clarify the question.

Adam Atomic:
Ummm the answer is.... Sort of.  A lot of the performance benefits are dependent on NOT using the vector renderer, because it is very very slow :). You can layer vector stuff on top if you want too though, flixel won't stop you!

EDIT - fixed spelling, was replying from my mobile earlier!  Also, additional notes:

If you want to see the difference between the vector renderer and the blitter, try creating a FlxEmitter with a whole bucket of particles, maybe 5000 or so.  First run it with MinRotation and MaxRotation set to zero; on a decent machine you should get maybe 20-30fps.  THEN set MinRotation to maybe -360, and MaxRotation to 360.  The framerate should drop to 5 or so!  This is because to render rotated sprites Flixel opts out to the vector renderer.

SO...just a heads up.  In my own tests switching from blitter to vector renderer is about an order of magnitude slower!

Then I'll try and come back to give my impressions.


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