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DAME - a new map editor made using flixel!

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DAME is a new free and powerful map editor.
Get DAME version 3.1.1 here!

DAME is coded using Flixel so if it displays in DAME then you know that it's going to work in your game *. And because it is an Adobe Air app it works (hopefully) on any platform that support Air. On my website you'll find installers using Air or native installers for both Mac and Windows if you need them.

Some things that DAME can do:

* It supports custom LUA exporters - and comes with 2 to get you started.
* Draw directly on the tilemap and view the results immediately!
* Tile Matrix to help block out simple tile patterns.
* Tile brushes
* Image Layers
* Add links between objects to easily set up triggering.
* Move tiles and layers around with ease.
* Place down sprites, polygons, splines, shapes and text, all with rotation and scaling functionality.
* Copy n paste, Undo, Snap to grid all supported.
* Multiple layers with realtime parallax scrolling.
* Remembers your previous settings between sessions.
* Reload tilemap images whithin editor.
* Add and edit sprite anims.
Click here to see more of its features including a couple of demo videos running through most of the features.

This has been my side project for a few months now in my goal of creating an editor that can help me make some really dynamic games. Please send me feedback, bugs, feature requests. I plan on doing a version 2 soon, so all feedback is welcome.

A simple sample 'game' made that was made using DAME.

Now works with BOTH flixel 2.43 and version 2.5

Oh, wow, full on tilemap editor... what does it meaan!?!?!  :D

This looks amazing, I just watched a demo vid and am installing it now.

Wing Eraser:
Very very impressive!! I didn't tried yet, but I watched to movies. No other editors got the features you implemented. Good job!

This looks superb, going to check it out right now!

Hi, this is great! Is the background of the editor supposed to be white? In the examples the background shows up black. On my editor it shows up as white or transparent.



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