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DAME - a new map editor made using flixel!

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Glad you're all liking it so far.

--- Quote from: bobbybaker82 on Mon, Sep  6, 2010 ---Is the background of the editor supposed to be white? In the examples the background shows up black. On my editor it shows up as white or transparent.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, by default it is actually white. You can change the default colour by going to the Edit menu and selecting Colors. There is an option to change it and a few other colours there. Currently the background colour is saved globally in DAME's settings and not per project. I could save it per project if you guys prefer?... It's one of the few things that didn't make the cut in the end. Let me know!

Also, there's some very basic help on the Help menu under Help Contents. It might help with a few things. I plan to make the help docs a lot better but documentation is not one of my strengths and even I was surprised how much there was to cover :D

Keep sending me any other questions.

I know you said that for donations I could buy a comic, but you said you wouldn't get much of that.  If you could setup a donation thing through paypal or something I would definitely donate, this is awesome!

Very nice! I was just looking for an editor that would give me full control over every single sprite I put into the map. And the fact that you can customize the exporter is just amazing!
Just a little thing: I'm not satisfied with how the snap to grid works. I think the sprite should snap at the grid tile in which currently is the mouse cursor, and not at the grid tile which has its upper left corner nearest to the mouse cursor. The way it is now make it so that if your cursor is past the (horizontal/vertical) half of a tile, the sprite will snap to the adjacent tile to the right/bottom.
I'm not sure if it's a bug or an intented behaviour (and it definitely not a big issue), but since you asked some feedback, well there it is :D

EDIT - Found out this is because I didn't rename my layer, so it defaulted to "Layer 2" in the editor :) Easy fix!  Might want to change the default name to Layer2 though or something.

Not sure if this is something I did wrong or not, but when I tried to compile my game, I am getting errors in the file,

public var layerGroup1Layer 2:FlxTilemap;

It is putting a space after the Layer *space* 2:FlxTilemap  which is throwing a compile error :)

         layerGroup1Layer 2.x = 0.000000;
         layerGroup1Layer 2.y = 0.000000;
         layerGroup1Layer 2.scrollFactor.x = 1.000000;
         layerGroup1Layer 2.scrollFactor.y = 1.000000;
         layerGroup1Layer 2.collideIndex = 1;
         layerGroup1Layer 2.drawIndex = 1;

Pretty much everywhere it was defined.

Is there anything special I need to do to show the box around the text? I can't seem to get it to showup in the game, or is that only for viewing in the editor?

edit - Actually I can't get any shapes to show, just tested a box. Any ideas what could cause them to not show up?



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