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--- Quote from: Titch on Tue, Jul 30, 2013 ---So for the past few days I was struggling to get DAME to work with Axel, due to tile indexing issues; since Axel doesn't include the 0 indexed transparent tile so all the tile ids for the numbered tile where off by 1.

It turns out all I had to do to make it work is go into AxTilemap and comment out one line at 219.
//tid -= 1;

Boom. Now it's working.

--- End quote ---

I've been meaning to make that configurable, to make it more compatible with tools like DAME...

Hey Xander, I've been using DAME for a while now, and its the greatest editor I've seen out there. I just forked your git repo because I noticed some bugs I'd like to fix, and I'd really like to make some features that are specific to the games I'm working on. However I can't seem to run the project. I'm getting 10 of these errors:

--- Code: ---C:\Users\Yeehaw McKickass\Documents\Flash Develop\DAME\DAME\src\com\UI\SpritesTab.mxml(407): Error: The style 'borderSides' is only supported by type 'com.UI.MyTree' with the theme(s) 'halo'.
--- End code ---

and one of these:

--- Code: ---C:\Users\Yeehaw McKickass\Documents\Flash Develop\DAME\DAME\src\com\UI\PopupWindow.mxml(4): Error: Invalid value:  right.  It must be one of left, center, auto.
--- End code ---

Any idea why I'm having this issue. I'm using whatever the latest FD version is and I haven't touched the project properties from the values set in your git.


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