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-star 2-
« on: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 »
So, here is an unfinished version of the game -star 2- following -star-

-star- can be found here:

the demo of -star 2- can be found here:

you can:
shoot: z x c and v
boost: q only if you are dashing
have fun: play
press w to enter a station when at the middle of it
press a while on a sector limit to change sector
you can upgrade your ship a the station!!!

fedd back please!


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Re: -star 2-
« Reply #1 on: Sun, Dec 19, 2010 »
Friction is too high for a space combat game. I should be able to glide for a long time, if not forever. There should be no turn friction/easing, that makes controlling your ship frustrating.

Movement is off in general. I should be able to glide straight, turn my ship and fire to the left, and turn back straight again without losing direction. Here's the code for what I mean (put this in your class):
Code: [Select]
var _elap:Number = FlxG.elapsed;
if (FlxG.justPressed(LEFT)) angle -= turnSpeed * _elap;
if (FlxG.justPressed(RIGHT)) angle += turnSpeed * _elap;
if (FlxG.justPressed(DOWN)) speed -= brakeSpeed * _elap;
if (FlxG.justPressed(UP)) speed += accelSpeed * _elap;
var ar:Number = angle * 0.01745; // convert degrees to radians
var cos:Number = Math.cos(ar);
var sin:Number = Math.sin(ar);
x += (speed*cos) * _elap;
y += (speed*sin) * _elap;

Player class would need globals that I put in the condisionals (turnSpeed, speed, etc) while angle is flixel's thing for rotation. I haven't tested this exact snippet but it should work, allowing for super-fun SubSpace-like movement. Tweak to your liking.

Bullets are way too slow--they should be at least twice as fast as the ship that's firing them.

Keep at it.

EDIT: Ah, your first game had that movement I speak of--keep it. But ditch the friction and make the thrust MUCH more powerful so the player can easily/quickly change direction.
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Re: -star 2-
« Reply #2 on: Sun, Dec 19, 2010 »
Personally, I prefer the controls Star 2 is currently implementing.  Star 1 was much harder for me to control, but here's an idea: implement both and leave it up to the player to decide which controls they want.  You need only create a boolean and then you would wrap the appropriate code in if/else statements to execute whether, say friction, is true or false. The only other thing that needs tweaking in my opinion is turning.  After I release the key, I seem to continue turning by several degrees, more the longer I was holding down the turn key.  Otherwise, I LOVE the concept, I had fun with the demo, and I look forward to the full game!  Good luck!

EDIT: I see you had something similar already in Star 1 as "gravity lock"?  It sometimes seems to act like toggling friction, but sometimes the ship would kind of run amok so I didn't get that right away.  But the friction in this game is much better.
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