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« on: Wed, Feb 2, 2011 »
Should have posted this here before now...



Play it here!


Keyboard Player:
Move up/left/down/right: W,A,S,D
Shoot up/left/down/right: Arrow keys

Mouse Player:
Place current object type on field: Click there!
Change object type being placed: Click the onscreen button for it, or use MouseWheel to cycle.


C.O.O.P. is a Flixel game made in 48 hours at last weekend's Global Game Jam 2011. We were one of three Flixel teams at the Austin GGJ site, and I think we were the single most successful team there in terms of making a fun, complete game. I led the team (which totaled 9 people), doing programming and providing creative direction. We were very lucky to have a great team of really smart people.

The core idea is that one player (keyboard player) is playing twin-"stick" shooter gameplay, while a second player is using the mouse to place walls and other objects on the board (it's best compared to Tower Defense gameplay). They're both cooperating to keep the "keyboard player" alive as long as possible in a classic Arcade-style survival mode. Every game mechanic focuses on the cooperation and the result is a frantic experience of cooperation with your friend.

You can play it single-player for a while but it's rather boring - grab a friend and try playing it together!

We're planning to clean it up, add a single-player mode, and submit it to FlashGameLicense. Any feedback/advice would be welcome!
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