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General Help Resources



* The official help page - More help resources
* Features - Features and demos (with code!)
* Tour - A tour of flixel
* Online documentation - Online documentation for the latest release
* Flash Game Dojo - A community-powered wiki
* Online chat (IRC) - Channel #flixel on
* Big List of Flixel Resources and Tutorials
Getting Started

* An introduction to AS3
* EZPlatformer
Using FlashDevelop

* Installing FlashDevelop
* Flixel 2.5 template - Makes creating a new project quick and painless!
* Hello World
Using FlashBuilder

* Hello World
Using MXMLC (command line)

* Hello World

If any links are broken or out-of-date, or if you want something added to the list, please send me a private message with your changes!


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