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Latest Version: 1.9
Released: October 11th 2011
Example Demos: 86

Quite frankly flixel is awesome. It allows for very rapid game development. And while it does a lot for you, it is lacking in a few  areas. After all itís just a framework, and frameworks are meant to be built-upon.

That is where the Flixel Power Tools come in. They are a set of classes, all neatly arranged in a single package that use the new plugin architecture of Flixel 2.5. They push flixel just that bit further and cover a lot of fundamental ground for you. The Flixel Power Tools are for Flixel 2.5+ only, they will not work with earlier versions.


The following classes are available in the latest version:

* FlxBar
* FlxBitmapFont
* FlxButtonPlus
* FlxCollision
* FlxColor
* FlxControl (includes FlxControlHandler)
* FlxDelay
* FlxDisplay
* FlxExtendedSprite
* FlxFlod (includes FlxFlectrum)
* FlxGradient
* FlxGridOverlay
* FlxLinkedGroup
* FlxMath
* FlxMouseControl
* FlxScreenGrab
* FlxScrollingText
* FlxScrollZone
* FlxSpecialFX
* FlxVelocity
* FlxWeapon
The FlxSpecialFX class supports its own plugins for creating special effects. Currently this includes:

* BlurFX
* CenterSlideFX
* FloodFillFX
* GlitchFX
* PlasmaFX
* RainbowLineFX
* RevealFX
* SineWaveFX
* StarfieldFX

There's also a Demo Test Suite which include loads of easy-to-follow examples of the tools in action, with a funky menu system and a visual way to actually see what they do. I always find it easier to learn by looking and then dissecting code! The full source code is on github, including all 77 demos.

Be sure to try the Credits button :)

Getting Started Guide

There is now a comprehensive 6-page Getting Started Guide in the Docs folder. Download the zip or checkout from github and get reading! It should help beginners get started a lot faster.

The library and Test Suite will continue to expand, and they will be kept in-line with the flixel codebase, which is rapidly changing at the moment.


The Flixel Power Tools can be found on github:

You can download a zip file containing everything or checkout the repo. There is a dev branch, which contains the "bleeding edge" and work in progress stuff. "master" is the most current stable version.

Any questions about any of the tools? Ask me here :)


Itís been a month in development but itís finally here Ė Version 1.7 of the Flixel Power Tools has now gone from dev to master Ė and I urge you all to give it a play! I have also re-organised my site so that the tools and all sub-classes are now easily accessible from the right-hand side bar. More info, more screen shots, less scrolling

V1.7 includes a brand new Demo Suite system (donít forget to try the Credits button  ). Itís now easier and quicker to get to the examples, which is just as well as weíve over 60 of them in this release. Donít forget to download the whole package from github, as it includes a Getting Started manual PDF, the full source code to all of the demos, all of the graphical and audio assets (warning: copyright, donít use commercially!), as well as the tools themselves.

As well as a suite overhaul there are some great new classes, and updates to nearly everything. FlxHealthBar is gone, replaced with the much more versatile FlxBar. This new bar can be used for anything, from progress meters to sprite health. It can fill in one of 8 different directions, can be hooked to a parent sprite or not, and be hooked to any value of that sprite Ė in short it doesnít have to be just a health bar any longer.

The biggest new addition is FlxWeapon. A comprehensive weapon manager for games. Handles creation, pooling and re-use of bullets and a heck of a lot more. Angled bullets, sounds, callbacks, fire at the mouse, fire from the mouse, fire from a parent sprite, fire from a fixed position, bullet speeds, firing rates. Phew! Combined with FlxControl this is a powerful combo.

FlxVelocity has been updated with lots of new functions: moveTowardsPoint, distanceToPoint, angleBetweenPoint, velocityFromAngle, accelerateTowardsObject, accelerateTowardsMouse and accelerateTowardsPoint! And FlxControl now supports rotation, thrusting and reversing.

So you can now make an asteroids style ship movement in a couple lines of code. Of course I couldnít resist adding some new Special FX including Blur and Center Slide. Enjoy!

Nice job, those new bars are just what I was looking for to quickly complete my project :)

Wow awesome updates, I really have to hand it to you this time!
I have a question relating to FlxButtonPlus. So, basically I started using FlxButtonPlus in place of FlxButton because I have a ton of buttons and only want one callback function (each button sending in its unique param 1,2,3 , etc).
However I ran into a problem. The problem being, I realized I can't scale my button sprite down to size (I don't care about highlight). You can do this in FlxButton, but not in FlxButtonPlus :(

How were you scaling down to size?


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