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After putting up with masses of spam we finally decided enough was enough. So last night I upgraded the forum to SMF 2.0, as you can probably tell by the especially "non-flixel" looking theme and smell of fresh paint.

There are lots of nice enhancements (such as being able to upload attachments and embed Flash files), but the biggest changes is this:

For New Members - ALL of your posts will be moderated before appearing on the forum.

Once you have made enough sensible non-spam related posts you are automatically upgraded to a full Member. At that point your posts are no longer moderated. The threshold is pretty low, but enough that it should allow us to catch most spammers right from the start.

Spot any problems with the new set-up? Please email us:


I have had feedback from members that usually have slow/troubled connections with the old forum codebase, and they said that this new forum is a bit faster for them as well, which is great.

Needs some theme-ing though hehe.

When searching on the forums, if I type a phrase/keyword in the search box at the top of the page, I am sent to a search page that shows no results.  Simply clicking the "refine search" button again (without changing anything), will yield the correct results.  I'm not sure if it's just me with this issue, but if it's system wide, that might be something to look into.

how many posts does it take to become a full member anyway? i know the whole moderation thing is important for keeping out spammers, especially since their posts have been getting rather graphic on several forums, but having to wait longer than usual for my questions to get answered because i have to wait for it to get checked out is a little inconvenient.

These are sweeeeeeet! Awesome work guys!


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