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Adam Atomic:
IMPORTANT NOTE: For the sake of availability, maintainability and stability, the flixel source code and API is now available from github.  Likewise, we have begun shifting over a lot of the help resources to the official flixel wiki on github as well.

The stuff that I am leaving in this thread is either not specifically flixel related or is related specifically to the last .zip-released flixel version, 1.25.

Old Downloads Thread
flixel v1.25 documentation

Game Source Code:
Edgecrement (v1.25, GPL, not commented)
I Love You 2 (unverified, supposedly simple?)

Quad Trees!
Sprite Sheets (as opposed to strips)

v1.25 Patches & Fixes:
Collision fix for fast-moving FlxSprites against FlxBlocks

General Art & Music Resources:
Pixel Art Tools & Tutorials
SFXR (free sound fx tool)
Musagi (free music tool)
MP3 Looping Problems

Relevant Blog Articles:
Painting Sidescroller Tiles
Procedural Level Generation
Basic Pathfinding (technically Dijkstra's, not A*)
Collection of Game Education Resources
Principles of Creative Play


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