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Flixel and GC?

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Having quite a difficult time trying to get GC to work with my flixel project? I emailed Semi Secret they said they were swamped and told me to come here for help.....Any Suggestions on how to get it working in my app???

Download Apple's demo.

Bring in the relevant files into your project.
Create a new instance of the GameCenterManager in FlxG.
Make some methods like [FlxG submitAchievement];

I'll try to get a demo out, but I am swamped at the moment, so I wouldn't count on it happening soon.

I'm sorry just out of curiosity, are you talking about Garbage Collection here?

I assumed it was GameCenter.

If OP is talking about garbage collection, it works just like other Obj-C.

--- Code: ---[object release]
--- End code ---

No I was referring to Game Center. I tried putting in the Apple demo, I get no issues but nothing happens. Not sure why nothing's happening.


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