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Black screen at launch time


I guess there aren't really anyone around here anymore. But I've got this irritating problem and just because...

The flow of starting an iOS app is basically

[user taps app icon] -> [launch pic displays] -> [first controller view displays]

No gaps anywhere...

Now with Flixel iOS it kind of looks like this

[user taps app icon] -> [launch pic displays] -> (black screen) -> [first state view displays]

There seems to be no way (that I know of yet...) to get rid of that first black screen. I get the feeling that Flixel initiates the game engine openGL stuff and directly puts that first empty buffer to the screen, then goes on to load/cache the first state, and only when that is done the state's contents are drawn to screen. If you've got a lot of stuff in that first state, that could take a while, resulting in a long black screen... I tried stripping down the first state to only show like one picture, but there is still a noticable black screen appearing for like 1/100th second or something.

Going to other states after the initial state however renders no black screen AFAIK.

Any ideas?

Try a preloader. No idea if that will work at all though, because i have no experience with iOS

Pretty sure I got a smooth transition with Super Lemonade Factory. Try setting the background color of the first state.


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