Author Topic: Non-Sprite Based 2D Animation: Suggestions for Tools or APIs?  (Read 921 times)

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Sprites are nice if you just need a small handful of low resolution animations, but what if I wanted a larger set of animations spread across multiple characters with various skins? In this case, it seems that I would rather have a separate set up for skinning, rigging, etc. So rather than compressing it all into a jpeg, one could conceivably just rig a single character and then those animations apply to any skins you might give the rigging -- not at all unlike the standard 3D animation production cycle one might use in 3DS Max or Blender.

So my question is this: are there any standard tools like this for 2D animation (or 3D animation that could easily be adapted to 2D animation). Obviously I could just use 3DS Max or Blender and just use the plane object with impunity, but I feel like there might be an easier way.

Are there any plugins for TweenMax that support standard rigging, and might have a GUI interface to edit and create them with?

For the life of me I can't seem to find anything helpful, and it seems like most of the 2D animation tools out there aren't really used with this purpose in mind (or at least, from what I could gather about them they didn't seem terrifically relevant).

Any help at all would be appreciated, even if it's not at all related to Flixel, TweenMax, or even ActionScript 3. So far Flixel has served my needs well enough, so it would be great if I could integrate the solution into the Flixel framework I've built upon, but I'm always open to other options.


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Spriter does a lot of nice stuff so far but it is not quite ready for production yet.
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