Author Topic: "Dukes and Dirigibles" is online and free-to-play  (Read 1977 times)

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I'm proud to announce that our flixel-based game "Dukes and Dirigibles" is now online and can be found on several sites (more every minute, it seems) but here are links to the big ones:


The game is a Steampunk top-down multidirectonal shooter set in giant floating arenas. Players will face enemy aircraft and turrets, then be challenged by imposing airship bosses.

We will also soon be releasing a standalone version of "Dukes and Dirigibles" with enhanced graphics and features, including a larger screen size. The game will be available on, and we will be continually uploading screenshots of our new graphics on Desura's sister site IndieDB. To visit IndieDB follow this link:

Aaaaannnnnnnd....we also have a Steam Greenlight page, so if you try the game and like it, please give us an upvote!


P.S. Thank you to everyone in the flixel community - the help I've found in these forums has been nothing short of amazing!


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Re: "Dukes and Dirigibles" is online and free-to-play
« Reply #1 on: Sat, Dec 15, 2012 »
Not bad for a flixel game at all!

The game was good, though not very original, I like how non-retro it was!
(You get a bit tired playing just retro games you know.)

All in all, I liked it. :)


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Re: "Dukes and Dirigibles" is online and free-to-play
« Reply #2 on: Sun, Dec 16, 2012 »
Pretty cool game, I've played it before. :) The biggest problem with it, at least in my opinion (and looking at the greenlight page, other people feel the same way) are the controls. For some reason, I don't find them very intuitive - I think it might work better if controls were purely mouse-based, so that the ship faces / travels towards your mouse position and you can accelerate by pressing the left mouse button. As Flash now actually supports right click input, you could use the right mouse button for shooting.

Also upvoted the Greenlight page on Steam.

Btw, topics like this belong to "games", not "releases".