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Looking for a pixelartist
« on: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 »

Me and a fellow former collegue are currently trying to make games. We're starting with little ambition, aside from our daily lucrative, and boring, activities. But eventually, we would enjoy being able to switch fulltime game developement, as we used to when we both worked in a french video game studio (yes, we're french, so pardon my english  8) ).
He is a game/level designer while I'm a programmer. We started with something within reach of our low graphical techniques, so we chosed to develop a simple car chasing game, currently still in WIP state.
We're actively seeking for a 2D (and maybe 3D for the future ? who knows) artist who would idealy share our goals for the long term run. At short term, we need specifally 2D pixelartist skills. I Have to say that so far, activating our relation networks was not very helpful, so I'm trying the random web forum post, for what it's worth. Still my proposition should be considered seriously.
If you think you could be intersted and fit the job, feel free to answer this post, or directly contact me for a chat. I'm available in gtalk or by e-mail under vinny[dot]the[dot]true[at]gmail[dot]com.