Author Topic: Half-Inch Heist for iOS due for release 24th January 2013  (Read 1667 times)


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Hi guys,

We posted a while back in August searching for people who wanted to be involved in testing our first self-published game Half-Inch Heist.  You can view the original post here:,6690.msg37250.html#msg37250

Well, thanks to the great response from you lot we've been able to give the game a ruddy good testing, and the feedback was really positive, with some good points we hadn't considered. So a big thank you to those of you who helped test, and for the overall support of the flixel forums :)

4(ish)months later, we finished it (YAY!).  You can view the trailer for the full game on the website:

We're going to release the game on the 24th (that's a week on Thursday!) Looking forward to seeing some of you on the leaderboards ;)

If you download and play the game and have any questions regarding the development fire away, I'll answer as best as I can :)

Thanks again everyone!

Mutant Labs


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I've only just arrived on these forums but the game looks great! :) I'm loving the visual style


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I played half inch heist.  All in all a very good polished game and the visuals are REALLY GOOD, but I found myself wanting a couple things

My biggest complaint was that my fat finger was in the way the entire time I'm trying to dodge the missles.  Eventually once they started actually following my finger I found that I'd lose sight of the ones below, because my finger was in the way and they'd sneak up and kill me.

Not sure how it would effect the gameplay(I wasn't able to get too far) but I think tapping the screen and having the block follow your tap might be a cool way to play it, instead of having to drag it around.  (Once again I'm speaking from early gameplay, I'm not sure if you have some sort of mechanic later on that requires you to actually hold your finger down.  I'm just going off the assumption that you just need the block to dodge the missles)

Secondly, I would have been more inclined to buy continues if you would have given me one or two continues for free, just so I actually KNEW what I was missing by not being able to continue.

Great job btw, the animations are awesome. 
Also Here's what I meant by having the block follow your tap

Code: [Select]

public var TravelSpeed:Number = 20;
override public function update():void
     cursorBlock.x += (FlxG.mouse.x-cursorBlock.x)/TravelSpeed;
     cursorBlock.y += (FlxG.mouse.y-cursorBlock.y)/TravelSpeed;