Author Topic: SMALL JOB OFFER - Help needed to make game localization-ready  (Read 1559 times)


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Hi everyone,

We are a non-profit operation and would like to use The Republia Times game as a teaching exercise for translation students (and have been authorized by the author to do so).
It was made with Flixel and the source code is openly available
We have already compiled a first translation and everything works fine, but it's a convoluted process because text strings are harcoded

Code: [Select]
else "
message += ""You have failed to inspire your readers and their loyalty remains weak.\n\n"";"
message += killMessage;"
gameOver = true;"

We are searching for someone that can extract those strings and link them into an external file (a bit like what this tool does
We are dealing with 274 strings, contained in two large files (MorningState, NewsItem) plus a couple in three other files  (Readership, Playstate, NightState)
We are a non-profit operation but can provide a little budget for the task. Please send an email with your requests.

Thank you!