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[Development Diary] Legumin Diamond Hunter
« on: Mon, Jul 1, 2013 »

Legumin Diamond Hunter is a future mobile phone game developed for RATALAIKA GAMES by two students of “Escuela de Ingenierías Industrial e Informática de León (ULE)”, Spain.

The game is currently under development and it will be release the summer of 2013. The game is going to be free and will be available for Android in the Google PlayStore.

In the game, we play the role of Legumin, a dwarf who loves diamonds and travels through many caves looking for them. As we move forward in the game, the caves will have more traps and Legumin’s journey becomes more difficult, but the diamonds will be more valuable.

Playing the game is very easy. Once we are inside a cave, we must press the touchpad keys in order to indicate the path we want to follow, before the time bar runs out. When the time bar is empty, Legumin starts walking in the direction we have specified.

Seems easy, right? Not at all… we must collect all the diamonds we can, avoiding the cave traps, and hiding into holes. If Legumin’s path doesn’t end in a hole, the Trolls will see him, and it will kick Legumin out of the cave.

According to the points we get at each level, we obtain a one, two or three Diamond rating.

Tools used
The game has been developed using the following tools:
  • Java language (The language we learn in college).
  • LibGDX library (Multi-platform library which uses Java language).
  • Spiller library (Library which uses LibGDX and offers an easy way of development and more abstraction).
  • Eclipse IDE

First Week
In the first week, we created the base of the game. Which includes:
  • Creation of the main menu
  • Creation of the configuration menu
  • Creation of the help menu

Once we have the base, and the graphics have been applied, we started the game mechanic.

Second and third Week
During the second and third week, we worked out in the game mechanic and the creation of the levels.

This video shows a beta version of the game:

Fourth Week
During the fourth week, we decided to publish our advances. To do this, we started the creation of a development diary. The game banners and the development posts had been created too.

Fifth Week
This week we have been developing the level selector.
Which will be like a world map:

Sixth Week
We are planning to polish everything an release a beta!!
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Re: [Development Diary] Legumin Diamond Hunter
« Reply #1 on: Tue, Jul 9, 2013 »
I'm a little bit late hehe. I updated the main post with the progress of those two weeks! :D