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aBlockalypse (Now)
« on: Sun, Sep 22, 2013 »
My university game dev group held a 24 hour game jam. This game was made in 18 hours.

Title Screen

The authors are Mari (myself!), Emma, and Grace.


Your goal in the game is to dodge the falling blocks. Thatís it. As the game progresses, the blocks drop faster and more blocks begin to appear. It may sound simple, but playing it actually pretty addicting.

Music kept playing when the game was paused so we had to go into FlxSound, FlxGame, and FlxG to stop that from happening. The end result still isn't ideal since the song simply resets when you unpause, but it's better than having music play when paused. Also, we wanted a very accurate timer, which we achieved using flash.utils.getTimer() The problem was that the timer would also increment when the game was paused. We had to go into FlxGame in order to get the game to report to us the times when the game was paused and unpaused. Using this, we were able to get a differential for how much time elapsed when paused and we were able to factor this out of the time calculation, which is really cool!

We looked at using FlashPunk at first, but FlashPunk doesn't have as easy an interface for dealing with flipping sprites in spritesheets. Flixel has facing which is really nice.

I'll post the game on Tuesday. Thanks everybody! :)


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Re: aBlockalypse (Now)
« Reply #1 on: Sun, Oct 6, 2013 »
Its past Tuesday... where's the game? I want to play it. :P