Author Topic: Pickle 2.0: Updated Pixel Editor for Flixel  (Read 3121 times)


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Pickle 2.0: Updated Pixel Editor for Flixel
« on: Thu, Sep 26, 2013 »
I recently released a major update to my Flixel-optimized pixel editor called Pickle.

I posted the initial 1.0 release here a while back and got a lot of useful feedback on how to make it better. I've tried to incorporate the most requested features into this 2.0 update. Most notably:

- Canvas zooming!
- Full screen mode
- Resizable panels
- More animation frames
- Pickle document format
- Selection tool
- Rotate and flip tools

Take a look and let me know what you think:

I would love to hear any feedback. It's always helpful to learn how other people work and what features they need.


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Re: Pickle 2.0: Updated Pixel Editor for Flixel
« Reply #1 on: Tue, Dec 3, 2013 »
Wow, amazing and easy to jump into. My only problem is this: The palette is really small. Is there a way to make it larger? Not necessarily the saved palette, but at least the one that is pulled from the file that you open up. I know that it has more colors in it and it picks them from whatever you import, but it only shows three rows of colors. If you start deleting them, the other colors show up. I'm not limited on colors, so I have a lot of different shades that I randomly chose to use in Photoshop. Other than that, great job on a simple all encompassing program. I'll buy it as soon as I get some money.