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FlixelCommunity v2.56 (Flixel v2.55 without the bugs)


Through the hard work and dedication of Fernando Bevilacqua, Thomas Weston, myself, and a few other helpful chaps along the way, we are now happy to present the community version of Flixel v2.56.

* version fixes many of Flixel's older bugs, while staying reverse compatible with projects that use Flixel v2.55 (the current version in AdamAtomic/flixel). Just pop the v2.56 SWC into your existing projects, and give it a try.

To view all the changes, check out the changelog:

But we are not stopping here, there is more that can be added Flixel! If anyone wants to help contribute to further; suggest a feature, tackle an existing issue, or submit a bug report on GitHub:

* GitHub: FlixelCommunity/flixel

Congratulations guys. I've made this topic sticky in the hope that more people will see it.

Thanks a lot! And to think that I was beginning to think Flixel was dying...

Finally! Thank you guys!!!

Thanks, guys! :D

It took us some time to hammer all bugs, but we finally did it. Flixel is a great game engine and we want to make it even better. Keep an eye on our Github repo for some developer hot news, such as new features (e.g. Stage3D support).

P.S. @photonstorm thanks for making the topic sticky!


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