Author Topic: RULES - please read before posting!  (Read 5682 times)

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RULES - please read before posting!
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »
Welcome to the flixel release board!  You can still post bugs here, though I would prefer that all bugs go through github from now on.  More on that later!  You can also put in feature requests here, post fixes to my sloppy ridiculous code, or just talk about the latest update.

1: If you post something here that doesn't fit according to what I just wrote up there, the post will be moved or deleted.

2: The help board is a good place to ask how to do something.  The release board is more to tell ME how to do things ;)

3: I'm a pretty thick-skinned dude, so as long as you're not out-and-out insulting me there's not much of a chance you'll hurt my feelings if I've done something stupid in Flash!  I'm completely self-taught, and I only do Flash on the side, so I might have some crazy stuff in there that makes no sense.  Help me fix it!

4: If you can, add the version number to the name of your bug or release thread.  If you don't know the version number, just press the tilde or '1' key while playing your game to bring up the dev console, which should have the version number at the top there.

5: Remember, main bug tracking is going through github now, the more we use that the better!
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