Author Topic: Introducing... TOTO's little PARTY! (a haxeflixel game!)  (Read 1947 times)


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SOMEONE (we didn't pay, pinky swear) SAID: "This blew my mind with its epicness.."

Hey guys,

First of all, kudos for the library and the community.

I wanted to show something we've been cookin' up in the last couple of months. TOTO's little PARTY!

Is a fast-paced game with a series of minigames on it. Goal of the game is to keep everything under control before time goes up. Else you lose. There's the typical shop to buy crazy stuff, achievements, unlockable stuff, and all those good thingies that we like to see. We spent tons of time to only include mini-games that are fun and enjoyable (and bobby, you wouldn't know how many mini-games we discarded!) There's around 12 different games to play, different game modes (included KIDS MODE) and so on.

Game is coming up in a couple of weeks. Free of charge (mostly supported by ads, sponsor or something in the lines of that). We currently targeting flash, but android and such were tested on previous versions and all worked awesome. Mobile was on our minds and pretty much game revolves around that.

Here's some media:


You can track its progress using the big links below:


Stay awesome palios.

PS: Silly game ideas are accepted.
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