Author Topic: [Release] FlixelJS - Flixel for HTML 5 games  (Read 3642 times)


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[Release] FlixelJS - Flixel for HTML 5 games
« on: Wed, Sep 17, 2014 »
Hello, I'm ratalaika. I've released a HTML5 version of the well-known Action Script 3 engine Flixel.

Flixel JS is a port of the famous AS3 library Flixel.
It has some improvements and also some new stuff like support for SpriteSheets or Tiled Map format parser.

It's still new and shiny so you may find some bugs.

It includes almost all the feature the original one as, like cameras, particles, integrated collision system...

But also some new ones! Like Sprite Sheet support, Tiled Map format parser, touch input (for mobiles), tweening, and some more that are under development.

It will include a port of the also know Flixel Power Tools by Photonstorm.

Flixel JS is thought for people that coded in OOP languages like AS3 or Java.

It includes a default inheritance system and a package system.

Simple Features
  • Integrated basic collision
  • Groups
  • Sound
  • Mouse input
  • Keyboard input
  • Touch input
  • Color utilities
  • Particles
  • Text display
  • Save games and preferences
  • Camera scrolling
  • Tilemap support
  • Tiled Map format parser

Advance Features
  • Record and play back
  • Path finding
  • Camera systems for split screen
  • Object recycling
  • Tweening
  • Sprite Sheep loading for performance
  • On Screen game pads
  • Bitmap Fonts

For more you can check the github page Flixel JS.
Also there is a Reddit post.
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Re: [Release] FlixelJS - Flixel for HTML 5 games
« Reply #1 on: Tue, Sep 23, 2014 »
I updated it today to the version 1.1. I added some bug fixes and new features like variable time step! Also some performance improvements has been added :).