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Forum verification question problem: "flixel is a library for what language?"

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It took me a whole bunch of tries just to get registered on this forum, because of the badly done, "flixel is a library for what language?" verification question.

"ActionScript": WRONG!
"ActionScript 3": WRONG!
"Flash ActionScript": WRONG!
"Actually, a ton of people end up using HaxelFlixel or FlixelGDX instead": WRONG!

It turns out that the answer to this is actually, "ActionScript3". No spaces. Not sure if capitalization matters. But it's a badly done question. I only figured it out by Googling it and finding somebody else complaining about this in the middle of a thread on this forum about something else. Whoever runs this site really needs to fix that!

I do agree, it's a major pain in the ass and limits a lot of people from contributing to the community discussions.  Then again, are them the type of people we want to hear from?  I think all minds should have a say on a topic, even the "immature" ones.  Seeing a viewpoint from a new perspective always helps me break away from a narrow mindset of thinking.  So yes, we do need a better system in place.

If you want a really funny forum verification question then I got this one when I registered at FlashDevelop to get some help on my reinstall:

String("FlashDevelop ") + Math.round(3.99).toString() + String(".5") == ?:

Dear lord I thought thats just me being an idiot on this question!

I typed everything imaginable into there! All four of your first examples. Thankfully, it changed questions or I never would have gotten it.

I now have to answer it again to post this. I'll try with no capitals and see if it works.


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