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FatQuest - Beta-ish
« on: Wed, Apr 29, 2015 »
Hey all, I just joined earlier today and I'm excited to get to know everyone! This is my first flixel game, and I call it FatQuest.

The game is hosted here - (if it's more appropriate, I can embed it with the board tags, but it's pretty big and it starts with music, so I opted out at first)

In FatQuest, you are hungry. Insatiably hungry. So hungry, you decide to eat everything. So you embark on a quest to eat everything, and as you eat, you get fatter. The objective is to eat everything in a level, making sure to get the edibles in hard-to-reach locations before you're too fat to get them.

I do actually plan on uploading my own assets to the game, such as my own tileset and a more unique player model than... well, a box. I'll get to work on that after I've settled the issues the game has so far. For instance, there's a bug I'm working out right now where if you're flush with a wall below or to your right when you grow, you'll get momentarily stuck in said wall. You can usually get out, but it really sucks when you're trying to go for a speed run.

But yea, this is my first game in flixel! If anyone's curious how I did anything, the whole project's on github. I'm also available if you want to ask anything directly. I hope you have as much fun playing as I did making it! :D