Author Topic: Never used flixel question  (Read 1155 times)


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Never used flixel question
« on: Mon, Jun 15, 2015 »
Greetings Flixel users!
I have in the past made many minor casual projects on programs such as RPG Maker, Construct classic and 2, etc. Lately me and my friends have been throwing around a project idea and considering making it a serious game. The only issue is find the right game making engine for our project.

Basically the first thing I need to get out of the way is that online capabilities is a must. The ability to face other people and have a rankings system of some sort.
What we are working on is a turn based strategy, that also has a 2D side scrolling shoot em up in there. Graphically this game wouldn't be intensive. We have some graphic designers and programmers on board with us, and I myself am of the business/accounting professions.

Is this project doable in Flixel? Do you guys know a better program for this project?
Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated :)