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Animal Crackers
« on: Tue, Sep 15, 2015 »
I know I talked about this a loooong time ago, but it's finally here!

Animal Crackers
Today's the President's birthday! As one of the only Independent members of the Animal Congress, it is up to you, an adorable tie-wearing mouse, to break the gridlock and ensure the President has the greatest party ever!

You will get to meet and greet many animals on your quest to gather party goods. Some items the President will love; others not so much—talk to a diverse zoo of characters to find out which. Make sure to invite a guest of honor, too!

Play online for free:

It's been out for a day and has done decently well from what I can see. I'm just glad it's finally out there for people to play! v1.1 will come out later this week with some small changes and more collectible items. This is also my first Flixel game release, wow! :) Flixel's a pretty great library, so thanks to all who helped develop it!