Author Topic: End game animation?  (Read 627 times)


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End game animation?
« on: Thu, Nov 26, 2015 »
Hi all,

I'm a total noob at this but I have to make a flash game for my university and need some help! I'm allowed to use source codes since I'm an artist and will mostly be judged on that. I have a good source code for a game which I'm following, however I'm wondering if anyone has any idea how I could put a mini animation at the end, thus ending the game? I'm making a retro pixel game, basically my character will talk to an npc (I have code for dialogue with npcs but not so sure if it'll work the same here) and this will trigger an animation of the main character transforming into a monster thing (all I plan to do for the transformation animation is simply flash back and forth between the main character model and the monster model) which will then also trigger the ending of the game! I'm sorry if this sounds complicated :'(

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!