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help / Re: Pathfinding issues
« on: Wed, Jul 25, 2012 »
if this is your mapdata:

Code: [Select]

var tiles:Array = [0, 0,
   0, 0];
and tilesize 8x8;

tilemap.loadMap(FlxTilemap.arrayToCSV(tiles,2) , FlxTilemap.ImgAuto, 8, 8, FlxTilemap.AUTO )

there is no tile at 9,9 (your map is 32x8)

start = new FlxPoint(2, 2) ;
finish = new FlxPoint(9, 9) ;

Make a bigger map.

games / Re: [COMPLETE] Fluid Motion
« on: Fri, Jul 20, 2012 »
I'm not a fan of the controls. It's definitely a new way of thinking but, just not very 'fun'

I like the motion in the water, very realistic :o

Nice idea with different kind of control system.. I didn't find it so good though..

But i dont think the problem is being fun, like Umz Games said: "It's definitely a new way of thinking but, just not very 'fun'"

..i think its always (kind of) fun to have anything new.. so the problem is not to be fun, but i guess the problem with controls is more like; its not intuitive. It just didnt feel right.

If you like to do new things to make different kind of UI / controls, i suggest you to check out how Apple have done it with their products. Apple have done lots of different kind of userinterfaces, and they really know how to do it, so it feels 'fun' or 'right'.. afterall its nothing more, but it should feel natural. Why should you trust Apple? They got many ppl thinking this kind of things. Sure you are able to do same thing, but you are not being paid to think that kind of things 40h / week ;)

Really nice prototype! Keep in mind, there is an issue with mac keyboard; space / arrow keys not working always. Cant remember what is the issue, but its something how you embed the swf. For example, this site where your game is, i have to keep pressing ALT key to be able to use arrows and space.

games / Re: Defense Game (WIP Title)
« on: Fri, Jul 20, 2012 »
Looking good. What comes to name; how about "Boy in his castle" ..defending the backyard :) You know graphics (made in flash?) gives you (well atleast me) kind of feeling of cute game, so the name / story should be "not too serious".

Hmm.. not sure about this, but after couple of beers i think you should turn it vice versa; its better to let enemies to come from right. Its psychological thing.. (at least in western world).. You know, when they come from right, it gives you feeling the enemies are coming, everything is happening right now, you dont know the future. When they are coming from left, its more like this have happened before, you are more like looking what have already happened and trying to do something about that.

games / Re: Rot Gut
« on: Fri, Jul 20, 2012 »
Finally got the password to our fgl.. Your game is really cool :) It really feels like a game, not just a quickly done flashgame. I need to give this one more playtime, so i can say more.

help / Re: Overlap against a seccond hittilemap
« on: Sun, Jul 15, 2012 »
I always try to avoid multiple collidemaps. If you still can, i suggest you to modify your layerstructure to have only one collidemap. For example, if you are using Dame or any other map editor, you can have many tilemaps there, but only one collidemap where tilesheet got only two tiles, and both of them are transparent png. Sure this is some more work with levels, you need to draw that collidemap in your map editor.

help / Re: FlixelGroup Velocity change
« on: Sun, Jul 15, 2012 »
thanks for the reply. I don't think setAll is going to work for me because it's taking in a FlxPoint (I tried it).
setAll takes in variable name + value of that. So, if you got group full of flxsprites, and you want to change variable velocity, you need to check out what type that variable is. Velocity is FlxPoint.. you know; velocity.x, velocity.y

help / Re: FlixelGroup Velocity change
« on: Sun, Jul 15, 2012 »
If i remember this correctly, flxgroup might have null members inside, so you might want to check if the member is null..

like this:

Code: [Select]
for(var i:int = 0; i < myGroup.length; i++)
    if (myGroup.members[i] != null)
myGroup.members[i].velocity.y = -80;

quick and easy fix:
in your playstate update function
add check if the 0 key is pressed


if (flxKeyPressed == 0)
   FlxGame.mute = false

this should be last line in your update (or perhaps its okey to have it after super.update), anyway it needs to be checked after Flixel tought you want to mute = true.

Hope you get the idea :)

help / Re: Animated tiles, how?
« on: Thu, Jul 12, 2012 »
Try to modify this one:,5398.0.html

The function:

Code: [Select]
public function tileToFlxSprite(X:uint,Y:uint,NewTile:int=0):FlxSprite
var rowIndex:int = X + (Y * widthInTiles);
var rect:Rectangle = _rects[rowIndex] as Rectangle;
var pt:Point = new Point(0, 0);
var tileSprite:FlxSprite = new FlxSprite();


tileSprite.x = X * _tileWidth;
tileSprite.y = Y * _tileHeight;

if (rect != null)
tileSprite.pixels.copyPixels(_tiles, rect, pt);

tileSprite.dirty = true

if (NewTile >= 0)

return tileSprite;

and part that needs changes:

Code: [Select]
var tileSprite:FlxSprite = new FlxSprite();


i suppose you can comment out this line:

and change:
var tileSprite:FlxSprite = new FlxSprite();

var tileSprite:MyAnimatedFlxSprite = new tileSprite:MyAnimatedFlxSprite();

if you got more tiles needs to be animated, check the tiletype and make if else / switch statement.. or perhaps something more flexible if you got lots of different anims.

help / Re: Building own autotiling system [resolved]
« on: Mon, May 28, 2012 »
I'm very interested about this, but no idea where should i start. Could you ..or someone explain little more.

help / Re: Embedding SWF Scenes with Flixel
« on: Sun, May 27, 2012 »
If you got only one frame in your swf it will be exported as a sprite, so you need either add some frames or change

private var movie:MovieClip;


private var movie:Sprite;

help / Re: Creating custom non-tiled man and collision
« on: Sun, May 27, 2012 »
try to put this:

Code: [Select]
if (FlxCollision.pixelPerfectCheck(player,level,1)) {
onGround = true;
} else {
onGround = false;

before you call super.update()

and you might want to put player.y-- somewhere else like where you are doing player.y++ if/else is better like:

if(onGround == false) {
else {

help / Re: DAME - a new map editor made using flixel!
« on: Sun, May 27, 2012 »
Yes i did that. But tilemaplayer was filled with first tile and that is what i ment messy editing :) After (csv) export i had to fix all data (plus one for every number greater that zero). That what i ment i could fix it with exporter. I dunno.. i guess i have done something very wrong either in Dame or Axel ..or both.

I need to try again with clean project. Thanks for reply.

help / Re: DAME - a new map editor made using flixel!
« on: Sat, May 26, 2012 »
DAME3 looks and feels great. Nice work!

Is it possible to use dame when:

Note that the tiles in the tilemap are 1-based indexed; an index of 0 means no tile.

So there is no empty first tile in tilesheet.. and first tile should be 1 not 0. I guess i could fix that one with exporter, but editing is still quite messy without empty first tile.

That is pretty nice idea. I was just wondering what you got in your Util class? I suppose objDist is just a distance check, but that normalize? I had to put this hack to get your code to work:

Code: [Select]
function normalize(P:FlxPoint, S:Number) {
var n = Math.sqrt(P.x * P.x + P.y * P.y);
if (n != 0) {
P.x = S * P.x / n;
P.y = S * P.y / n;

..but i'm not really sure what you are doing in your normalize function.

It would be great if you could comment your code.. step by step :)

I guess i dropped a comment to another topic, and i believe it was started by you. Anyway, its okay to use sprites for those, no need any flxtile or tilecallbacks ..just modify the mapdata what you use for colliding against the player. When the destructable "tile" (flxsprite) is destroyed, set the tile under it to 0 (no collision).

help / Re: spawning hordes of enemies?
« on: Fri, Mar 9, 2012 »
Using FlxG.elapsed is a good choice; if framerate drops, it all goes together. Using elapsed and other timers mixed together; gamesync fails.

help / Re: Adding features to a FlxTile?
« on: Fri, Mar 9, 2012 »
How about just have a sprite (like you already have?), and when it have been destruct set the tile in your collidemap to zero.

help / Re: animated tiles?
« on: Fri, Mar 9, 2012 »
Something happend to Photonstorm?

If you mean by "DAME it" how to mark places in dame ..just use a specific tile in dame, and in PlayState, loop the mapdata, and place those sprites to those tile's xy. I got the code somewhere if you need.

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