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Seems a bit too hard for me, either you should be able to rotate faster or the balls should appear slower. At least this is how i see it :3

games / Re: Shoot The Space [WiP]
« on: Fri, Jan 3, 2014 »
Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it :)
As for the changes, upgrades are on the way, the menu window is ready and you can actually see it by clicking your money and I'm planning to add some other dangers and/maybe bosses :3
I think you are right about the coins, they do need some other appearance.
Thanks again!

games / Shoot The Space [WiP]
« on: Sun, Dec 29, 2013 »
I'm currently working on a meteor-shooter thingy, all (good as well as bad) criticism is welcome :)

games / Re: Z SHOOTER my first flixel game
« on: Sun, Dec 29, 2013 »
Cool game!
However there are some things that in my opinion need some more work, the flashlight is currently somewhat useless, it just brigthens the screen a little, it would be cool if you could use it to see stuff beside character circle. I think that you have too much hp. All in all fun game. I've done something similar some time ago, yes it's based on Left 4k Dead too :D

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