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chat / Gaming Taxonomy and How To Classify Games
« on: Mon, Apr 3, 2017 »
Hey there!
I have a question for you guys: how would you go about classifying a game you developed?

Iím a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Iím looking for your help. We're running an online research study to develop a measure of game experience, and we're looking for input from game developers on game definitions. I was hoping you would be willing to take part in the study by responding to our 15-minute survey. It's all fully confidential, and I would be more than happy to provide you further details or answer any questions about my research and this study on this topic thread.

Survey Link:

You may find it surprising (or not, probably not) that academicians haven't figured a "proper" way to classify games, so game developer input is very appreciated. You guys contribute to science. Thank you!
Although I would like a response to the survey, I'd also love a discussion on the matter here on the forums!


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