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releases / v2.0 released!
« on: Thu, Feb 11, 2010 »
Gentlemen, and possibly ladies (???), I apologize right now for breaking all your codes again, but it is SO WORTH IT this time!!  Huge performance boosts, massive API improvements, some nice new features to speed things up here and there...I'm burned out now but I'm really proud of this one :)

Release Notes

v1.5x-v2.0 Porting Guide

Collisions Demo

Updated moDe Demo

There's some big changes in there, and a lot of little things, but they're all for the better!  I am working on a couple of big things alongside this, the joint game dev site with ChevyRay and something else that we can hopefully announce soon too!

releases / finally! alpha 2.0 sort of semi-functional
« on: Tue, Feb 9, 2010 »
here's a demo made in 2.0 (with maybe 2-3 pages of code, tops):

And here's a partial change list:

Code: [Select]
- FlxGroup (formerly FlxLayer),
> designed to functionally replace Layer and Array
as a superior organizing element for flixel stuff!
- FlxCore renamed to FlxObject
- also FlxBlock renamed to FlxTileblock
- FlxPoint, FlxRect
> FlxCore has all movement/physics code
- FlxText+FlxTilemap+FlxEmitter+FlxSound+FlxGroup have full movement now
- FlxEmitter variable name changes (minVelocity -> minParticleSpeed)
- new variable wontMove skips automatic motion/physics updates
> FlxTileblock, FlxTilemap, FlxText and FlxSound all default to true
> FlxSprite only adds display/animations
> FlxG split into FlxG and FlxU
- FlxG has sound, input, camera scroll, logging, special fx
- FlxU has trig + random helpers, collision stuff, etc
> FlxSprite has new variables frame, frameWidth, and frameHeight
- formerly specificFrame(), _bw and _bh
- also new variable onFloor
> Core functionality (updating motion, updating animation) can now be
called outside of super.update() or super.render()
- of most classes anyways, might have missed some?
- should help with accessing buried functionality though!
> FlxStates should be created not in their constructor but
in their new function FlxState.create()
> FlxEmitter extends FlxGroup now (formerly FlxLayer)
- no more FlxEmitter.loadSprites() function
- you have direct access to FlxEmitter.members and can use
FlxEmitter.add() to add a new sprite
- can still use FlxEmitter.createSprites() utility
- supports baked sprite rotations
> FlxSprite has a new function, loadRotatedGraphic()
- load in a sprite or frame of a sprite sheet
- automatically create a baked, rotated sprite sheet
- supports anti-aliasing
- massive (10x+) speed increase over Flash rotation
> Dumped ALL collision functions in favor of some new stuff in FlxU:
- FlxU.collide(FlxObject,FlxObject)
> collides any two FlxObjects (including FlxGroups)
> works great with tilemaps!
> calls solveXCollision/solveYCollision
- FlxU.solveXCollision(FlxObject,FlxObject)
> actually resolves a collision on the X axis only
- FlxU.solveYCollision (obvious)
- 99% of the time all normal people only need to use FlxU.collide,
not call solveXCollision or solveYCollision directly.
- FlxObjects have some weird new variables that help these functions work:
> colHullX, colHullY, colVector, and colOffsets
> also a new function FlxObject.preCollide()
> see FlxTilemap() for some strange uses of colVector + colOffsets

Source code for the demo and the new library shoudl be up in a day or two!

chat / Best Flash Tricks?
« on: Tue, Feb 9, 2010 »
Hey guys!  I am talking with ChevyRay about maybe putting together a kind of authoritative flash games design & implementation website; something fairly library-agnostic, but AS3-centric.  I was wondering if you guys got bored over the next few days if you could start collecting some of your favorite links/posts from the forums here, as possible content we could include on this new community site.  I'll start with my recent favorite:

DogInLake's quad tree stuff

Ideally we'll pull together a bunch of posts that aren't really about how to get around specific flixel problems, but more about how to tackle interesting game design problems using actionscript.  Thanks guys!

releases / v1.52 up
« on: Sat, Jan 9, 2010 »
Tried to address most of the outstanding bugs in the issue queue, and also included some fun new utilities from my internal builds for SECRET PROJECTS??

1 - New variable FlxG.dilation.  If you want to do for example Peggle-style slow-motion during close calls or you want to do bullet time, just set FlxG.dilation to some value between 0 and 1 (0.5 is half-time)

2 - New function FlxTilemap.ray(), which shoots a ray from one point to another on your level, and returns a point representing the spot where the ray first intersects a collidable tile.  I think it's fairly well optimized??

Have fun!

releases / cheat sheets? are they rad?
« on: Thu, Dec 31, 2009 »

What do you guys think?  Is this a useful way to collect things?

releases / v1.51 pushed up
« on: Wed, Dec 30, 2009 »

The docs should come down from github now too.

chat / v1.40 warning!
« on: Fri, Dec 11, 2009 »
You may have seen that v1.40 is up on github:

This is just a reminder that 1.40 friggin breaks everything, including tutorials and stuff.  I've updated FlxTeroids, FlxInvaders, and Mode, but everything else is likely way not going to work.  If you can be patient I'm sure that the community will have a lot of this stuff updated by January and we'll be back on track!

releases / v1.40 is up!
« on: Fri, Dec 11, 2009 »


This update will break EVERYTHING!!  It will break all your codes.  None of your codes are safe.  All of the old tutorials are broken now, everything is wrecked :)  Except Mode, FlxTeroids, and FlxInvaders anyways.  It shouldn't take too long to repair things, but I would plan on spending at least a half hour getting existing projects working with the 1.40 codebase.

Thanks for your patience, and I promise this is the ONLY major refactoring that I have in mind for flixel's entire lifespan.  It was necessary to both clean up the code, improve the organization, make the objects more flexible, and also make flixel MUCH more port-friendly.  So hopefully we'll start seeing more versions of flixel for more platforms in the near future!

As always, I encourage you to post any bugs or problems you find to the github issues page:

It's worked great so far, and I changed enough stuff today that I will die of shock if I didn't break anything proper.  Finally, if we can avoid to many posts of "it broke my everything!!1" that are just due to the constructor changes or parameter ordering, that'd be rad :)

Thanks again, and enjoy!

releases / Release Notes now on Github
« on: Thu, Dec 10, 2009 »
I'm gonna collect release notes here:

Yay organization!

hey guys, if you posted a thread in here in the last few days and it's suddenly GONE it's because I thought it would fit better over on the new board:

Since we're moving bug fixes to github, I thought we could put chat about new features and updates and stuff all in one place.

releases / Bug Tracking now on Github
« on: Wed, Dec 9, 2009 »
Since I moved the code over to github, it seems reasonable to put the bug tracking and issue reporting over there as well.  This is the URL for the flixel issues page:

If this doesn't work out or it's too annoying we can definitely go back to the forum post approach, but I figure this is worth a shot.  Thanks guys!

releases / New board name!
« on: Wed, Dec 9, 2009 »
Hey guys, welcome to the new release board!  I'm gonna try this out for a while, see if this makes more sense with the github setup.  I am thinking that this is a good place to put threads about new features that just come out, or new features you'd like to see go in the future, or for non-githubbers, it can still be a place to report bugs or submit fixes.  Sound good?

Here is the github ISSUES PAGE - I want to try and use this for bugs, as you can start threads there and I can leave comments and then close out bugs when they're fixed, etc.  Let's give it a shot!

Thanks again to everyone who contributed code for the v1.3 build, couldn't do it without you guys :)

releases / v2.5 Planning Thread
« on: Wed, Dec 9, 2009 »
flixel v2.5: BIG PLANS

HAHA I released 2.0 and it has almost NONE of this stuff in it.  LE SIGH.  This stuff is all still on my radar for Rad Things To Add in the future though!

> improved collision resolution, possibly box2d (note: the quad tree works great though)
> more debugging tools (sliders, better console, bounding boxes)
> pathfinding utility
> some kind of magical light network thingy for online multiplayer
> multi camera system (e.g. split screen stuff)
> non-MP3 sound format support (SID?  MOD?  Musagi?  SFXR?)
> tilemaps: wrapping/repeating

help / FlxTeroids source up on github (plus fixes!)
« on: Sat, Nov 21, 2009 »

play here:

Relies on some fixes/cleanup to the framework, all of which should be committed!

help / Flx Invaders source up on github
« on: Fri, Nov 20, 2009 »

enjjoooyyyy (lots and lots of comments, much simpler than mode i promise!)

releases / flixel wiki on github
« on: Fri, Nov 20, 2009 »
Hey guys!  I finally found time to sort of organize/set a basic style for the flixel wiki on github:

looking forward to seeing where this thing goes!


enjoooyyyy, also feel free to use as a rough style/quality guide for future tutorials??

releases / Flixel on github!
« on: Sun, Oct 18, 2009 »
Hey bros, I know I have been waaay out of contact for a little while now, but I wanted to let everybody know that if you're into source control (and you probably should be!) flixel is now available on github!

In the short and long term this should be a pretty amazing resource for the development and maintenance of flixel, and for community participation, and for helping to show whose code is what and how people's custom flixel libs interact, etc.  It should also allow me to share my internal developments much more quickly and easily with those of you who are into that sort of thing!

The build that is up there is the build from Canabalt, so it has the visor, some collision fixes, the kongregate integration, etc.  I've also simplifed the naming scheme (org.flixel instead of com.adamatomic.flixel) which is nice for using flixel as a shared library instead of instancing it.  Finally there may be a few kinks, I've already remember a couple dumb things that I left in that I'm going to fix and commit right now :)  Anyways if you get a chance to check it out, please use this thread to let me know if its working, etc.

There will be SIZABLE changes to flixel before the end of the year (see the v1.3 bugs thread!) which I am super eager to get started on but which will have to wait til November.  In the meantime some of you guys (Nitram, Noonat) are doing pretty glorious work, and if you wanted to get your builds up on github as well I'm sure it would only help!

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