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chat / Introductions
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »
Hey, this is just the usual "introduce yourself" thread!  A good place to make your first post.

My name is Adam and I created flixel over the last year or so.  I've also worked on lots of other things, like Cave Story Wii and Paper Moon.  In a previous life I was a C++ coder and GUI designer for a software company.  I have two pug dogs who are pretty good but sometimes they kick in laptop screens.  Right now I make iPhone games for a living, and I'm helping to organize the Independent Games Summit at GDC Austin this year.

releases / RULES - please read before posting!
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »
Welcome to the flixel release board!  You can still post bugs here, though I would prefer that all bugs go through github from now on.  More on that later!  You can also put in feature requests here, post fixes to my sloppy ridiculous code, or just talk about the latest update.

1: If you post something here that doesn't fit according to what I just wrote up there, the post will be moved or deleted.

2: The help board is a good place to ask how to do something.  The release board is more to tell ME how to do things ;)

3: I'm a pretty thick-skinned dude, so as long as you're not out-and-out insulting me there's not much of a chance you'll hurt my feelings if I've done something stupid in Flash!  I'm completely self-taught, and I only do Flash on the side, so I might have some crazy stuff in there that makes no sense.  Help me fix it!

4: If you can, add the version number to the name of your bug or release thread.  If you don't know the version number, just press the tilde or '1' key while playing your game to bring up the dev console, which should have the version number at the top there.

5: Remember, main bug tracking is going through github now, the more we use that the better!

chat / RULES - please read before posting!
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »
Welcome to the flixel chat board!  You can pretty much post anything you want here, as long as it is at least tangentially related to game development, and/or flixel and flash development in particular.  If the community grows to the point where there is a need or desire for a non-game related chatting space here, I will happily add that at that time!

1: Coarse language is fine with me personally, but due to the (hopefully) accessible nature of flixel there is a possibility there will be some younger readers.  So, no rules about language, exactly, but I think if we all agree to be relatively civil most of the time that will work nicely?

2: If, and who knows how or why this would even come up, anyone ever makes any comment that could be construed in good faith as racist, your account will be removed, IP banned forever, and all posts deleted ASAP.

3: If you post something completely useless that is also completely disconnected from the field of game design, I'll probably end up deleting it while housecleaning.

4: Finally, if anyone is being an ass, I will take action.

games / RULES - please read before posting!
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »
Welcome to the flixel games board!  This is a project-oriented board where you can post finished or in-progress flixel games and see what other people are working on.

1: If you post anything here that is not related to the production or release of a flixel-based game it will be moved or deleted.

2: If you post a game made by someone else, please state that as clearly as possible.

3: This board is NOT for ideas, it is for projects that are already underway!  If you want to chat about a game idea you have please use the chat board.

help / general help resources
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »
IMPORTANT NOTE: For the sake of availability, maintainability and stability, the flixel source code and API is now available from github.  Likewise, we have begun shifting over a lot of the help resources to the official flixel wiki on github as well.

The stuff that I am leaving in this thread is either not specifically flixel related or is related specifically to the last .zip-released flixel version, 1.25.

Old Downloads Thread
flixel v1.25 documentation

Game Source Code:
Edgecrement (v1.25, GPL, not commented)
I Love You 2 (unverified, supposedly simple?)

Quad Trees!
Sprite Sheets (as opposed to strips)

v1.25 Patches & Fixes:
Collision fix for fast-moving FlxSprites against FlxBlocks

General Art & Music Resources:
Pixel Art Tools & Tutorials
SFXR (free sound fx tool)
Musagi (free music tool)
MP3 Looping Problems

Relevant Blog Articles:
Painting Sidescroller Tiles
Procedural Level Generation
Basic Pathfinding (technically Dijkstra's, not A*)
Collection of Game Education Resources
Principles of Creative Play

help / RULES - please read before posting!
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »
Welcome to the flixel help board!  This is where we will collect all the tutorials and FAQs and all that important stuff that goes above and beyond simple code documentation.  This is probably the most important part of the entire flixel community!

1: This board is for both help requests and for posting solutions.

2: Likewise, if something is posted here that is not a request for help or a solution to a problem, it will be moved or deleted ASAP.

3: Check out the general help thread, it has buckets of links that might answer your question.  I recommend this not necessarily to keep the forum clean (though that is a pleasant side effect), but mainly to speed up the resolution of your problem or query.  Also, please use the forum 'search' function before posting, as we have over 1000 posts that might have your answer!

Thanks for reading and thank you ahead of time for contributing!

games / mode
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »

Made in approx. 2 days - has some weird problems but was integral to finishing and testing flixel 1.0!

It's a sort of manic-recoil-jumper, with a weird score-timer mechanic thing that I like, even if the game is kind of weird and not so great!

games / FATHOM
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »

FATHOM took about 10 days to make.  I used Eclipse + Flex Builder 2.0 plugin for the Actionscript coding, Photoshop CS4 and Cosmigo Pro Motion 6 for the graphics, and SFXR for the sound effects.  I collaborated again with the inimitable and utterly badass Danny B for music, who put together some really memorable stuff.  The game is only about 200KB without the music, which composes the other 12 MB or so of content!  But I think it's worth it.

games / Gravity Hook
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »

Move the mouse to highlight "nodes".
Click to grapple onto a node.
If you run into an active node you die.
Press 'X' to quit the game, and register your hi score (if you made it into the top 10)


I had a few days space in my schedule, so I made a remake of a cool prototype that Arne made a while back called "Gravity Key."  In Gravity Key you used the keyboard keys to climb to the top of the level by "grappling" using a gravity function.  Because it uses gravity, the closer you get to a node, the faster you go.  However (IMO this is the crowning touch in Arne's design) if you get TOO close to the DIE.

It was a really great mechanic, but having to use the keyboard made it....difficult.  So with Arne's permission I made my own gravity grapple game, only powered by mouse clickan.

It's pretty much finished at this point, I just need to get Arne to put up a proper page for Gravity Key that I can link to, reset the high scores so Ptoing no longer dominates 7 out of the top 10 spots :P, and make the md5 key for high score submission a little harder to guess.

I made Gravity Hook using my Flixel framework for AS3 (coming soon!), the Flex Builder plugin for Eclipse, Photoshop 7, Pro Motion 5, SFXR, and Audacity.  Total dev time was around 7 days I think.

I had two goals for this project.  One was to make a skill-based game a la Thrustburst, where there was no lock-and-key progress, just becoming more badass via experience.

The other was to make something that was intentionally and I hope evocatively abstract.  I have been thinking a lot about the games I played and loved when I was younger, and I think the fact that they were FORCED to be abstract by low-powered hardware had a huge impact on me, and what I got out of the experience of playing a game back then is very, very different from what I get out of most new games.  I always loved how Super Metroid told the important part of the story with the title screen graphic, and HATED how Metroid Prime let you scan anything you want just to stuff the screen full of bull**** nobody cares about.

I think Cave Story is a notable recent exception, as is Fez to some extent, and Rescue the Beagles, and Knytt too.  I don't know that I succeeded in the way that those games did, but I tried to only put in things that would trigger the player's imagination, rather than prescribe or overly detail things for them.  This is a new approach for me but it feels more honest or pure or something than force-feeding MY story and MY characters down the player's throat.


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