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releases / Re: FlxMinimap
« on: Fri, Sep 28, 2012 »
It will show the entire map area. It will scale the largest dimension (width/height) to within the minimap area and center the resulting bitmap. Like charlie riot (thanks btw!) remarks this is definitely meant as a base to build on to make your own stuff. Having said that, I suspect that if you want the minimap to scroll you will have to add quite a lot of code. In essence you will have to create a simple camera system and add scrolling code.. this could easily double the size of the class.

releases / FlxMinimap
« on: Sun, Sep 9, 2012 »
Hey Everyone,

Inspired by the good example Gama11 gave here earlier with his awesome FlxTrail class, I would also like to give something back to the community, namely the minimap that I developed during the last bacongamejam that I participated in. I decided to showcase it by adding it to the excellent flixel tilemap feature demo. Without further ado:

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Using it is as simple as adding these few lines:
Code: [Select]
   miniMap = new FlxMinimap(collisionMap, FlxG.width - 75 + 3, 3, 75, 50);
   miniMap.follow(player, 0xffff0000); // follow the player in red
which tells the minimap to render the collisionMap FlxTilemap at x, y = (FlxG.width - 75 + 3, 3) with w, h = (75, 50) and follow the player in red. Check out the sourcecode on if you'd like to know more.

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