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help / Flixel and Resolume Avenue4 ( FlxVJ )
« on: Thu, Aug 8, 2013 »

since my journey started a few years ago with flixel, I have come a long way... but put short I could use some help here and I guess you could enjoy it.

I would like to rework a little flixel setup for use in Resolume Avenue 4, that is a VJ tool for use with live beat synch visuals that can be controlled via MIDI and that supports dynamic AS3 (!)

There are a handful of other tools out there that do this too, like GrandVJ... most handle the communication via ExternalInteface handlers, so I guess there could be a good base for "cross platforming" among those tools too.

And because I am no "real" programmer I came here in hope to maybe find someone who would like to take part in this (mostly the base code) - Open Source For Sure!

I will provide all grafix and as much 'interlectual' code input as I can. As well as write the documentry and Help files and host a "Product Page" on giving credits.

For someone who has a lot of Flash/Flixel Experience I hope this would be a pretty trivial thing to do. But the impact of such a framework will surely reach deep into the small but growing VJ community. And I would be honoured to do my best in order to contribute and dedicate myself to this on your side!

Here is a link to the thread on the Resolume forum:

What do you think?

Things to Do:

  • Removing the preloader and state handlers (because we want to directly trigger a state when the file launches)
  • Then start adding in FX and features, maybe Pixelbender plugins?!
  • Remove FlxSound? Maybe later it would be cool adding it again with the stereo panning
  • Re-rout some "default" controls like: 8 Switches/constantValue and 8 Float Parameters per Stage and remove mouse and keyboard to avoid conflicts (MIDI conform - maybe even standalone?)
  • Remove Pause Function to avoid conflicts
  • Remove/re-route and rethink Debugger
  • Generally speaking: Stripping it down to some bare-bones first

My setup looks like this:

Ableton live for sequencing MIDI and Audio -> sends trigger and float parameter values to the assigned flixel stage in Resolume ... so a live performing electronic artist or any tool sending MIDI data can control the setup. Imagine that on live gigs!

And here's some inspiration:

I'll post a preview of my testruns soon! A Demo of resolume can be downloaded from their website (A/V Watermarked but fully functional)

The greatest value of this project would be that we indie developers woud have a new medium to share our work and content with... the music industry ;)

And anyone who has ever seen good live visuals on BPM sync knows that it is a great experience! Now imagine the potential of video games in that combination!

FlixelVJ Repository

help / Flicker Rate at 120fps
« on: Thu, May 2, 2013 »

I have a problem when running my game with air at 120 fps. It's about the flicker, due to it's nature it makes the sprites dissapear when flicker is active at 120Hz =(

And I can't find out where to modify it   :'(

All I find are the timer settings in the FlxObject but not where the flickering is being processed. I know its some kind of "don't draw when a boolean is active" and toggles that boolean each step - but where can I get to it and does anyone have a smart solution?

Thanks a ton!


(I didn't do it, but thought its useful, works like a charm for me)

Have Fun!


releases / My Steam Greenlight Project using flixel!
« on: Fri, Aug 31, 2012 »

Hope to hear what you guys think and if you have a steam account - please vote! Thanks!

Have Fun!

help / Overlap against a seccond hittilemap
« on: Sun, Jul 15, 2012 »

been a while, I've had to work out some sythesizers for my soundtrack... now I'm good at that so I'm back to the code and have a little issue I could need some help with:

I have this ball thing like metroid I've worked out how to NOT let the player morph out of the ball state when in a narrow passage in this topic:,6081.msg34342.html#msg34342 (for short: using an invisable overlaping rectangle above the player and checking if that is "blocked")

now this works fine when I only have one hittilemap in the level but with a seccond it doesn't work... now before I do the obvious and pack all hittiles onto one layer, i'd like to ask if anyone knows a workaround or what I am missing or if its a known issue with checking overlaps against groups with subgroups... because I have a simmular problem with checking the splash damage against my enemy group... (there I check each sub group manually) ... thanks in advance!

help / FlodXM in Flixel Classes
« on: Sat, Mar 17, 2012 »

please help me get this sorted, I managed to get MOD files running with the Flod plugin provided with the Powertools but the XM version seems to be quite different and I cant wrap my head around it because the sample file included has all the interface stuff around it and I cant quite figure out what I need and what not...

I copied the xm and core folders to my neoart/flod/ dir and improted them in my .as file like this:

Code: [Select]
import flash.display.*;

import org.flixel.*;

//import org.flixel.plugin.photonstorm.FlxFlod;
import neoart.flod.core.*;
import neoart.flod.xm.*;

* Main Menu

public class MenuState extends FlxState

private var playButton:FlxButton;

private var mixer:Soundblaster;
private var xmPlayer:XMPlayer;

override public function create():void
mixer  = new Soundblaster();
xmPlayer = new XMPlayer(mixer);

FlxG.bgColor = 0xff101110;

playButton = new FlxButton(FlxG.width/2-40,FlxG.height  - 40, "New Game", onLvlSelect);
playButton.color = devButton.color;
playButton.label.color = devButton.label.color;


protected function toGame():void

FlxG.switchState(new PlayState());

protected function onLvlSelect():void

playButton.exists = false;

FlxG.fade (0x00000000, .5, toLvlSelect)
xmPlayer.load(ZooAssetReg.music01XM);                      //< I have no Idea what I am doing... Artist ... =);


protected function toLvlSelect():void

FlxG.switchState(new MenuLvlSelect());


Would be awesome if someone could guide me a bit, I'll put up some Milky Tracker setups then, with some cool samples/instruments =)


I have a ducking feature in my game that lets the player duck and makes her smaller so she can crouch through narrow areas.

Now my problem is that when you stand up in a narrow passage, the bounding box canges and as a result she drops into the hittilemaps... and I don't want that to happen.

So I Made invisable sprites at those locations where I want to "block" the player from standing up by setting a flag if she overlaps one of these sprites, works fine.
How du I reset that flag? I thought about setting another invisable sprite at both ends of the "tunnel" to reset that flag, but it feels kind of like an overkill??

I tryed something like this in my player loop:

if (!overlaps(crouchBlockerGroup)){keypress code}

but somehow this function only works with the first object in a group? How come?

Any idea on how to make this more elegant? Thank you!

help / Align (center) the SWF output of FlashDevelop
« on: Sat, Feb 18, 2012 »
now this is a bit of a shame, but I would be glad if someone can help. I have read some confusing stuff about hou to center the output in the FD forums... like:

but I couldn't get flixel to startup with that stuff...

So what's a clean and tidy way to get the swf centered in the <bin>\index.html ?

(I want to show you guys my game but I'm putting it on my own webspace... =) )


I'm trying to make some effect trails for my bullets, after diggin around I came up with this:

In my Main Playstate I made this new sprite:

Code: [Select]
EffectLayer = new FlxSprite();
EffectLayer.makeGraphic(FlxG.width, FlxG.height, 0, true);
EffectLayer.scrollFactor.x = EffectLayer.scrollFactor.y = 0;
EffectLayer.blend = "screen";

In my bullet class:

Code: [Select]
override public function update():void
(FlxG.state as PlayState).EffectLayer.pixels.setPixel(this.x, this.y, 0xFF333333);

but nothing happens :(
Effect layer is there (see it in debug) and drawline function works on it but I cant get the setPixels to do anything??

help / Smoke Trail for bullets
« on: Fri, Dec 23, 2011 »
I've came up with this:

1. made a new class extend FlxParticle

2.added all to the playstate into a group and made the emitter generate a couple of particles, all like in Photonstorms latest Tip...

3. in my Weapons Bullet Class I added these to generate the smoke trail:

Code: [Select]

override public function update():void

if (smoke.x != this.x)
smoke.x = this.x;
smoke.start(true, 2, 0, 1);
if (smoke.y != this.y)
smoke.y = this.y;

with smoke refering to the emitter in my playstate, works quite well but I feel kinda unsure about it, I can't really control the ammout of particles, no matter what I change, and setting it to smoke.start(false,...) doesn't work in this case, because then it only smokes when the bullet gets killed (there is no call in the kill() though)

So all this inconvenience left me guessing if theres a nicer way to attatch a smoke trail to a rocket?

1. When do you HAVE to call it in your Classes updates and when not to call it?
2. What does it do?

As far as I feel it helps me get or set stuff before the next update or after it (for the next cycle), right?
Because I took it out of my player loop and have the impressions that the responseiveness wen't up a notch, oO?

help / Frame Drops between FP10 and FP11...
« on: Sat, Dec 17, 2011 »
Does any one else have this?

When I test my project in a Flash Player 10 Projector I get stable 60 FPS but with the FP11 Projector it struggles around 45-50 ?! What could that be? (I Used the Flex SDK 4.6 here)

help / Bullet Impact Emitter FiXed but posted anyway)
« on: Sat, Aug 20, 2011 »

I have this collision function in my update:

Code: [Select]
override public function update():void
* Super Update Here


* Collision Handeling

//Kill bullets that hit the walls
function(a:FlxObject, b:FlxObject):void
var o:FlxSprite = a is FlxSprite ? a as FlxSprite: b as FlxSprite;;
dust.start(true,1, 0, 2);

This killes the bullets on collision and starts a tiny emitter for impact dust, this works good but with one problem:

depending on the bullet speed and the distance of the firing position to a wall the emitter seems to trigger earlier (on half way) =(

What can I do to prevent this?


Ok as it sometimes goes I fixed it as I formed this thread I tested this:

Code: [Select]
//Kill bullets that hit the walls
FlxG.collide(,  _level.mainLayer,
function(a:FlxObject, b:FlxObject):void
dust.start(true,1, 0, 2);

and it works, so I thought id post it anyway... As I am still not to sure WHY it works and have still one question:

Why does overlap in this case always kill my bullets on instant?
Is there a big performance difference between using Overlap or Collide?

help / PRO TIP: Serious Flash Profiler
« on: Mon, Aug 8, 2011 »

I just stumbled upon this:

and wanted to ask if anyone has tried it and if it works well with flixel?

If it does then I guess its a very good tool for profiling, what do you think?

help / FlxWeapon (General specific)
« on: Wed, Aug 3, 2011 »
I think Ill have a few questions to this so Ill start a thread to make it more accessable. In general I am Using:
Flixel 2.55
Powertools 1.7

The Weapon is like the Weapon2 in the test suite just using fireAtPosition (FlxG.Mouse.x etc)

How can I set the onFireSound() (and maybe an onImpactSound etc) weapon specific? Do I have to make my own function for it or is there any place I can hook in a sound?

Setting the fireing algle of bullets that dont use a parent angle? I dont know where to grab it like: weaponname.setfireangle (wheredoigetthefunctiontosetit?);

The setRandomAngle and setRandomSpeed and setbulletlifespan dont seem to have any effect, are they only dummy or do I miss the way to set them? (I tryed things like: weaponname.setRandomspeed (100); in the main create function)

They might be qute dumb qestions but Id rather ask them, as I have tried for a few days and seem to be running in the wrong direction and Im still a noob =( They are all questions about getting and setting properties and as I am quite new to coding in general It would be a great help.

Versions used:
Flixel 2.55
Powertools 1.7
and Dame

So what I have up to now is somehow explained like this:
Starting base was the EZ Platformer TuT, combined it with a follow camera and a larger tilemap CSV (_level) to get the Bounding collision to work in a scrolling world I set:

Code: [Select]
// camera follow player

var cam:FlxCamera = new FlxCamera(0,0, FlxG.width, FlxG.height);

// this sets the limits of where the camera goes so that it doesn't show what's outside of the tilemap
cam.setBounds(0,0,_level.boundsMaxX, _level.boundsMaxY, true);
//cam.color = 0xCCCCFF; // add a tint to the camera to test if cam is active

works fine at first. As a player I spawn in the top left corner of my level (screen scale factor 2 btw) and can run an jump around on the tiles... size is dependent on the level loaded so no fixed sizes...

Now I make a weapon that fires at the mouse with the player as parent, and that works fine within the inital bounds of the map. But as soon as I move the player of any diection further than the initial bounds and the screen starts to scoll, then the target of the weapon seems to stay in the init area (still corrosponding to input changes). When I wonder a few tiles further off then the bullet trail doesn't display anymore either (I just see it flickering at the origin point)

My weapon is the altered off Powertools Sample Weapon 2 atm just parented the player instead of using FireFromPosition... works within the init bounds as mentioned...
The function for fireing is just:

Code: [Select]
if (FlxG.mouse.pressed())


So my guess is that (Im missing something crucial anyway) I need to update the mouse screen coordinates for the FireAtMouse(???) when scrolling (the Flixel mouse arrow gets displayed though) and that the displaying of the bullet trail is somehow sreeen buffer related?! But I am not too sure what the best approach to it would be?! I dont want all bullets to render to level end, maybe only in an active area (like 10-20 Tiles larger than the screen)... How do I work with the Buffers I cant quite figure out the starting point yet? Or is it some other point I should check out first?

Thankfull for hints!

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