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I do agree, it's a major pain in the ass and limits a lot of people from contributing to the community discussions.  Then again, are them the type of people we want to hear from?  I think all minds should have a say on a topic, even the "immature" ones.  Seeing a viewpoint from a new perspective always helps me break away from a narrow mindset of thinking.  So yes, we do need a better system in place.

Anyway have you checked the sticky post:,3819.0.html
FlashGameDojo (hasnít been updated for so long time):
flixel-gdx wiki: However not everything is relevant to flixel, just read the text and ignore the code.
How to learn flixel:

I never touch timelines.

Thank you for the links.

Hope that helps, feel free to ask if you need more clarity on any of it. :)

That was absolutely mind blowing, and got my head stright.  The FlxGroup breakdown chat you made solved 90% of my hurdles right away.  I have never used a game engine before and your post really summed it up for me.  I am so excited to get started on making 'better' games now.  TYTY! :)

Your questions show that you didnít fully understand how a framework/engine and OOP works.
Flixel is a game engine, you need to build your own classes that inherits flixelís classes.
Seriously, learn OOP and youíll understand how flixel works.
Iím afraid this is way above your head. Try something small with flixel first.
Again, learn OOP.

Things you need to do:
  • Learn flixel from examples.
  • Learn OOP
  • Create a simple prototype using flixel

This does not help me, it feels like you're trying to insult me.  I've already made an MMO in the past with flash, a long with a game that had 200k+ plays.  I am not new to any of this.  I just never got my toes wet with a game engine before and you muttering the same words 'learn oop' does not help me in any way.

I really hope I am not getting annoying with all my questions.. yet.

I've been trying to use Flixel for a while now.  I have a strong background in Coding, I started out teaching myself how to make games inside of WC3 World editor, Got excited and moved on to C++, over time I found Adobe Flash Actionscript and worked my way up to 3.0, but never in my life did I try using some one else Libraries or something like this [Flixel.]  And I am finding it very hard t apply the knowledge I have learned over the years to this.  I would love if some one could get the gears in my head working right so I can gasp how to use this to its full potential.

  • Should I make the entire game with Flixel classes?  Is it okay or wise to continue to make my own classes as I need them?
  • What happen to the parent / child concept?  I was so happy and understanding of it, there does not seem to be one in Flixel?
  • If I want to make a large scale game, say an MMO, would Flixel not be the best bet?
  • Why am I using the core trinity?  Playstate, Preloader, Main.  Is it at all possible to just make my own game, and import the parts of Flixel I need as I need them?

These are just a few examples.  A major issue that's causing me pain at the current time is understanding when and when not to use FlxGroups.  Are FlxGroups a core concept, one that I should be using when ever I want to add something to the stage?  I am also finding it very uncomforting that when I have a flxSprite (Say an option screen) over top of everything that when I click the click is registered on every FlxButton in that click ranger.  If there are buttons hidden behind the screen they too are clicked.

Really simple question, lots of reading.  Sorry, I just want to grasp the main concepts so I can get right back to work on making games like I was in Adobe Flash.

You can't do it directly, but you can wrap it in an anonymous function to do what you want:

Code: [Select]
new FlxButton(..., function():void { someFunction(15); });
That passes a function without a parameter which will get called, and when it runs it will call the other function and pass 15. You can have it call multiple functions and whatnot this way by puttinv everything you need in the anonymous function:

Code: [Select]
new FlxButton(..., function():void {

I actually already had one function in my game doing something like this.. it just never ticked in my head that I could make that function call a function.  Thank you again so much!  Also I was on Kongergate last night and was browsing though a few of my old favorite games for some ideas and one of the first ever games I added to my favorites list was Diamond Hollow 2.  I almost died when I noticed the developer was you!  I'm a fan, and having you help me with these silly newbie questions is a huge honor!

Code: [Select]
public function FlxButton(X:Number=0,Y:Number=0,Label:String=null,OnClick:Function=null)
    // .... Flixel Code

Hard to word this so I'm going to be very straight forward I do not wish to come off as rude or ungrateful.

var newButton:FlxButton = new FlxButton( ... , someFunction );    // This will pass the function
var newButton:FlxButton = new FlxButton( ... , someFunction( 15 ) );    // This will trigger the function to run

My problem:  I need the function that gets passed in to have a parameter associated with it.

Not sure what my problem is, thus, Google is zero help.  Been pushing this off for days now working with other parts of the code, but this one really bugs me and I'd like to fix it and move on.

chat / Re: Kill all the members in a group?
« on: Sun, Sep 28, 2014 »
Code: [Select]

Would be a lot faster. Though depending on how big the group gets and how often you do it, it might not matter.

The purpose I have it for currently is just for a few sprite images, but seeing as this is all new to me, it would probably be best to start good habits.  Thank you very much for the help!

chat / Re: Kill all the members in a group?
« on: Sat, Sep 27, 2014 »
Killing doesn't remove them from the group. It "kills" them, but they sit around in the group so you can recycle and reuse them rather than continuously creating new objects.

To completely get rid of them you can do

Code: [Select]
To remove everything. But if you have other references, or things that happen when killed, you should loop over and call kill() on everything (there's a group.callAll that can help with that).

I must have looked over these functions when skimming though all the options I had, there are quite a lot of them.  Thanks!

Edit:  I forgot to mention I came up with a solution before you replied.
Code: [Select]
Layer0.remove(_Map, true).kill();
What I did was create a flxGroup named Layer0 and put everything inside of it.  When I want to remove the stuff I call that line of functions.  And for logic i do a test on all the members of that layer.  Is this an okay of going about it?

chat / Kill all the members in a group?
« on: Sat, Sep 27, 2014 »
I have tried several attempts but my code keeps causing a lot of issues.  I simply want to remove every member in a group but keep the group itself a live.

Code: [Select]
if ( worlds.members.length > 0 )

Edit...  half the post was removed?  so.. here's a quick rundown:  How do I kill just the members of the FlxGroup without killing the Group itself. And no this is not something you can google.

Edit: When I use this function I made:
Code: [Select]
public function killMemebers():void
if ( GalaxyBackground )
if ( WorldHolder.length > 0 )
for ( var index:int = 0; index < WorldHolder.length; index++ )
I still produce a members.lenger greater than zero when checking members.length, even though everything is removed from the screen.

chat / Re: Isometric Game Environment using flixel
« on: Wed, Sep 24, 2014 »
God I love the internet.  Googled how to make iso games with flexil and first post is a guy telling me to Google it.  Thank you Gama11, for the great link, I'm sure you've helped a ton of people by plugging that into this thread.

Posting on this site is a massive pain in the ass...  Really kills the communication between developers, I would imagine.

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