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help / Doubt about killing
« on: Tue, Jan 24, 2012 »
Good day guys!

Despite the name of the post, this is not a psycopath question.

The thing is.

What happens when i group.kill() ?

does it automatically kills all the objects inside my group or, does it kill the group but keeps the object within alive?


Important tip!

At some point on your game, you might want to overwrite the kill() method of FlxSprite.

Assuming you will use the "object pool" idea as a good practice, here's a killer tip:

When creating the group, you will have to turn the object off (alive = false, exists = false). AND FOR GOD'S SAKE! DO NOT CALL YOUR OVERWRITTEN kill(), or it might turn out killing you, of a heart attack caused by stress.

If you do not do this, and forget to turn the objects off, strange things might happen.

I'm telling you this, because i just wasted 4 hours of my life trying to correct a strange null pointer exception that made NO SENSE, and because i do not want any of you guyz to suffer over this.

Hope that helps!

chat / Global Game Jam 2012 is comming!
« on: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 »
Hello everybody i hope you're all having a great day!


Who's going to participate into Global Game Jam 2012 and who's using flixel on it?

In advance, i'll wish everyone success, i hope everyone succeeds in making their games during the jam and not letting it die.

Aaaand That's it flixel community :)

Thanks for all the help so far, and i hope i'm able to help everyone with anything, (anything at all) on flixel :)

help / Doubt with Collision between groups
« on: Wed, Jan 18, 2012 »
Hello everybody! Hope you're all having an awesome day!

I have a doubt here about collisions between groups

Ok, so, on my game i have the following scenario.

I have:

- a FlxWeapon on my Player class (which has a group of bullets)
- a group to manage the enemies on the screen.

Which is the propper way to test the collision between a single bullet, and a single enemy?

Because, this is what i have in mind:

If i check collisions like this: FlxG.overlaps(enemyGroup,, when a bullet collide with an enemy, i can't tell which instance of enemy in enemyGroup the bullet collided with.

In that case, how do i figure out which instance of enemy on enemyGroup took the bullet? and how do i get the instance of the bullet that has collided with a single instance of enemy?

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