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Title: Looking for Some Indie Flash Games to Take with Us to PAX Prime!
Post by: playvue on Wed, Jul 10, 2013
Hey guys,

Playvue Games will be exhibiting at PAX Prime 2013 in Seattle, WA. 8/30-9/2 (prime.paxsite.com (http://prime.paxsite.com)) and we're opening up our booth and inviting some indie game devs to send their games with us to PAX in front of 90,000+ gamers.

It's best if your game could be exported to SWF and added to a special version of our web-based game platform (you can check it out for yourself at www.playvue.com (http://www.playvue.com)) and take advantage our APIs, but we will also have some tablet station to show off mobile-only games.

If you're already planning on being there, we also have some extra exhibitor passes to let you jump in and pimp out your own game in-booth. But, otherwise, your game can go get some massive exposure while you sit on your couch at home.

More details can be found on our developer's blog: dev.playvue.com (http://dev.playvue.com)

Spots are filling up, and PAX is less than 2 months away, so if you're at all interested, hit me up here or on Twitter @playvue.