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Title: Flixel and Stencyl
Post by: Eumbrex on Sun, Jan 12, 2014
Hello, I started developing a game on Stencyl, but as I progressed, the game's performance dropped rather quickly. I understand it that games made in Stencyl use Flixel as engine, so the game's performance (based on...let's say: FPS with given number of moving objecs) should be similiar if not the same, right?
My game's FPS dropped with around 100 moving objects to unplayable (I minimized expensive calculations, turned off collisions and tried several optimizations). I'm sure Flash can handle more. Could I achieve better results by learning AS3 and making the game without Stencyl?
Title: Re: Flixel and Stencyl
Post by: Gama11 on Mon, Jan 13, 2014
I haven't used Stencyl, but my guess is that you simply cannot reach the same performance as you could if you programmed the game yourself.

Before you look into learning AS3 + Flixel, you should probably have a look at Haxe + HaxeFlixel (http://haxeflixel.com/).
Title: Re: Flixel and Stencyl
Post by: Eumbrex on Mon, Jan 13, 2014
Thank you for reply, Gama11, I'll check it out.
Title: Re: Flixel and Stencyl
Post by: Tap on Sat, Apr 5, 2014
Stencyl utilized Flixel back-in-the-day, but I believe it outputs to HTML5 now.  I stopped using it after getting frustrated with how the StencylWorks IDE was organized.  That said, it had a very nice level/map editing tool with customizable collision shapes for each tile.  That's something I never even tried to accomplish with Flixel on its own.

As far as performance goes, I think you're better off using HaxeFlixel if you can, because it can output to native code.  That said, I think you may want to look at C++ as another alternative.