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So I've been thinking about unique game mechanics when it comes to 2D side scrollers.  Most everything has been done already (wall jump, manipulate time, double jump, etc..), but is there anything you've always wanted to do in a sidescroller that you haven't seen done yet?

help / Baked Rotation and Collision after rotation
« on: Tue, Feb 23, 2010 »
Sorry if this question has been asked elsewhere but I couldn't find my answer from the search page.  Does Flixel 2.0 support sprite collisions after the sprite has been rotated?  IT sounded like Adam alluded to it in post but I'm not certain. 

Also, what is baked sprite rotation??  When I was searching for the answer to my previous questions I kept seeing people throw the term around and have no idea what it means :)

I'm using Flan and I'm working on a game right now where all the tiles are 16x16 pixels.  Working with 16x16 pixel tiles has been fine so far but what if i want to put a rock in the background that is 32x32?  If I try to bring in a larger tileset I get error messages.  I'm pretty new to this so how does everyone else handle objects that are larger than their base tileset?

***Update*** Launched the blog 'Purple Flowers' to show progress updates for the game. You can find it at (still need to proof read the posts).  This will be a good step for me to document the process of making the game so I can see where I can improve and work even faster.

Here's my first attempt at a Flixel game.  I'm working on it for a game design project at Parsons.  There's no win or lose state as of now.  Eventually I'm going to set it so that the eyes only open when you get close to them.  Once they open you'll die if you get caught in their gaze for too long.  You'll have to use strategy to distract the eyes so you can get past them.  I should have a final version in 2 weeks?  I'll post up my progress next week if I remember.  

Up - Jump
Left and Right directionals to move


Update - 2.23.10

*Hangs head in shame*  There's not much to this update :(  I added some more effects and detail to the world but its still very much not a game.  As a first project it's going to be pretty ambitious so its going to take a lot longer than I planned.  Please let me know if the game lags when the eyes look at you.

chat / Isometric Game Environment using flixel
« on: Sun, Jan 10, 2010 »
I'm interested in making a game that uses isometric environments but I'm wondering if it would be highly difficult to do in flixel?  I mostly see 2d games.  Does anyone have any tutorials or games to reference that would be helpful?

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