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Title: IQAndreas Flixel branches on GitHub
Post by: IQAndreas on Sun, Dec 25, 2011
Since the "description area" on GitHub is a tad crowded, here is the full description of which branches I have in my fork. (but if you guys would prefer I move this list to a separate site or something, let me know)

Master - master (https://github.com/IQAndreas-testprojects/IQAndreas-flixel)
It should match up with AdamAtomic's Flixel master (https://github.com/AdamAtomic/flixel). I have not made any changes to the master branch yet.

Organizing Flixel better - dev_organizing_flixel (https://github.com/IQAndreas-testprojects/IQAndreas-flixel/tree/dev_organizing_flixel)
I felt like FlxU and FlxG were a bit too cluttered. The full list of changes can be found here:

FlxSubState System - dev_FlxSubState (https://github.com/IQAndreas-testprojects/IQAndreas-flixel/tree/dev_FlxSubState)
Additional classes, perfect for dialogs and pause menus. Details can be found here:

Additional functions on Input - dev_keyboardAdditions (https://github.com/IQAndreas-testprojects/IQAndreas-flixel/tree/dev_keyboardAdditions)
List of all three additional functions (mainly for detecting if any key was just pressed or released)

Efficient Input - dev_efficient_input (https://github.com/IQAndreas-testprojects/IQAndreas-flixel/tree/dev_efficient_input)
Radically reduces the amount of code run each and every frame inside of "update()". In addition, the new way of handling keyboard events allows you to know when a key was last pressed or released. The code has not yet been benchmarked or even tested if it works properly (but it should work in theory!) :P

To make things easier (albeit, more cluttered), I keep bug fixes in their own individual branches.

The "complete" branch with all current fixes merged into one branch (including the two fixes found in AdamAtomic's dev branch) is named "dev_fix_all":

Here are the list of all "fix" branches and their corresponding issue fixes: