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Title: Performance
Post by: tokyotron on Thu, Jul 5, 2012
Anyone got anything to say about Performance?

Ie you make a game, and after awhile

* things start going slow, like you get low FPS (there's an easy way to turn on FPS output to console)
* you just wanna get a general hunch where your game spends most of the time

Well a quick googling turned up this page for Cocos2d, another game engine, but I guess a lot of that can be applied with iFlixel as well.


At least the part about Instruments seem useful - using "Time Sampler" within Instruments. With Cocos2d there is supposedly a "CCDirector mainLoop" being the main loop of the game... Of course we have a similar thing in iFlixel as well, but it's named differently. I guess it's simply "FlxGame update". I guess the general idea is to dig down there and see where most of time is spent. Lots of time spent would mean a bottleneck and supposedly where optimization work should start.
Title: Re: Performance
Post by: tokyotron on Fri, Jul 6, 2012
Oh btw I guess there is an explanation somewhere but FPS maxes out at 60 on iPhone 4, and 30 on iPhone 3G. Not sure about other devices. Guess if I you reach those numbers you're safe. :-P