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Title: Beta Testers Wanted for Half-Inch Heist - iPhone game
Post by: mutantandy on Fri, Aug 31, 2012
Hey everyone,

We're called Mutant Labs, based in Plymouth, Devon (South-West UK).  We've been working on our first self-published iOS title - 'Half-Inch Heist'.  This game has been made with the Flixel template / libraries for iOS.  I'll be posting up some dev blogs about how I did overcame some of the problems I had, but if there's anything in particular you want to know about, let me know :)

So here's the basic game backstory...

Steal the diamond, dodge the security, escape the vault.

Dr. Puss has thieved a priceless gem from the crown jewels and hidden it in the farthest reaches of his ridiculous security vault.  Itís your mission to get it back. Using only your wits and your finger, you need to nab the diamond, avoid the waves of enemies, destroy the bosses and escape unharmed.  Itís action-packed, diamond heisting on a tiny scale!

Gamplay / teaser trailer to follow shortly...

And obligatory screenshots

What do you guys think so far?  The game will be released within the next couple of months. 

We're after some beta testers who can have a play and give us some sweet, sweet feedback.  If you do leave us feedback on our online form you'll be credited in the final game (as your name or handle, feel free to specify what you want to be called).  The beta is only up to level 4 boss at the moment, but it's a pretty solid game so all the kudos in the world if you get there.

So, beta sign up is here: http://halfinchheist.com/
Once you've had a good ol' play, click the banner on the title screen of the game or go to http://halfinchheist.com/ and click the leave feedback button.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: Beta Testers Wanted for Half-Inch Heist - iPhone game
Post by: mutantandy on Wed, Sep 19, 2012
Hey everyone,

We've moved the Beta sign-up to make way for our minisite http://halfinchheist.com/ (http://halfinchheist.com/).  You can still sign up for the beta by going here:
http://halfinchheist.com/beta/ (http://halfinchheist.com/beta/)

Cheers :)