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Title: Oil Baron Black Gold Game App
Post by: evarobin on Sun, Mar 24, 2013

 Oil Baron Black Gold is one of the best business simulation iOS based game which users can register to set up their own virtual oil business. Oil Baron Black Gold is an entertaining and educational simulation game on iOS platform. When a player starts to play this game, so by default cash amount is OB$ 500 and one oil well to start of the game. Cash'll increase day by day and it depends on your performance. You can download this game from iTunes App Store and keep in touch for more updates and news related Oil Baron game.

App Store Link


We have designed all the graphics and art for Oil Baron, for an enriched user experience and interactivity. The game contains some very interesting features as well, such as
   Option to buy different kinds of pumpjacks for your game in 7 different coloured skins each
   Option to buy different cash bundles using the in-app purchase
   Options to perform treatments, cleanups, services, frac jobs, horizontal drills for each of your installed pumpjacks
   Land owner's fine for messing up their land
   Game center achievements
   Game center leaderboard
   Option to make friends within game users
   Option to buy/sell wells
   Facebook/Twitter sharing

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Demo Video:
Please click on link below and watch Oil Baron Demo video and check how this game entertains you.