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Title: FlxAchievementSystem
Post by: Tal on Tue, Apr 1, 2014
Hey there.
On the topic of my newest project I have been creating an achievement system. Its quite handy and works pretty nicely. It offers all the basic stuff you would expect from an achievement system (save achievement progress, unlock achievements, unlock overlay).
I decided to wrap it up for a quick stable version and called it FlxAchievementSystem.
Thought it could come in handy for anyone, or, someone would find it interesting and wanted to help me improve it.

Anyways, in case you are curious, I have set up a github repo:
https://github.com/Tal3D/FlxAchievementSystem (https://github.com/Tal3D/FlxAchievementSystem)

Feel free to comment your feedback and questions :)
Title: Re: FlxAchievementSystem
Post by: PRIZZA on Wed, May 14, 2014
This could be pretty handy! Is this class free to use for commercial products or what is your licensing policy?

If I see any way I can contribute I'll go for it.
Title: Re: FlxAchievementSystem
Post by: Tal on Sat, May 24, 2014
You can check out the github repo for full source code. Basically you´re free to do whatever you want with it.
As for contributing I am glad for all the help I can get! The easiest way to contribute is to fork the github repo and then apply your changes/addons.